School of Computing

School of Computing is searching for their next Dean

The School of Computing is currently accepting applications for the position of Dean (and Professor).  If you are interested, please see the linked document for more information.

Message from the Dean

A place to be, a place to grow, and a place to begin your life’s work.

Welcome! The School of Computing is a special place. It is a place to be at home. I know because I have been a part of the School of Computing since I was a graduate student in the late 80s. I returned in 2000 to join the faculty because this is the place I want to be. And now I have the distinct privilege and honor to serve my school, our school, as interim Dean. My goal is to foster an environment where we all feel welcome and a part of the rich history and community that is the School of Computing.

As Socrates put it, “The unexamined life is not worth living.” I believe this is so because without self-examination, it is impossible to grow. What initially drew me to computing was the realization that the practice and art of computing is inherently a philosophical endeavor. Through our algorithms and data structures, we model the world around us; we model our experiences. The only way to improve our models is to examine them, that is, to examine our own thought processes, our assumptions, and our biases. In other words, to grow. When our models are implemented in hardware and software...

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