Military Members Recruiting

The School of Computing is pleased and proud to serve those who have served in the Armed Forces of the United States of America. With four military retirees among our faculty members, we recognize the sacrifices made by our servicemen and women and we will go the extra mile to honor your service.

From a financial standpoint, SoC supplements USA's Yellow Ribbon program with a SoC Military Members Scholarship. At Veteran's Day, we cut a cake (actually, a Marine Corps Birthday cake) and offer tribute to those who served before us.

In the classroom, we prepare you to defend and expand the nation's cyber infrastructure, with rigorous, hands on exercises in computing basics, culminating in advanced skills in information assurance, database management, digital forensics, software engineering, networks, risk analysis, business analytics, and more. Upon graduation, we offer pipelines to positions in local industry, regional military centers in Alabama, Mississippi, and Florida, and nationally through federal workforce development programs connected to NSA, the FBI, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and other federal agencies with large technology commitments.

If you are seeking a computing career, it would be our pleasure to help you achieve your personal and career goals.

The Point of Contact for more information is Melissa Smith at


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