Undergraduate Programs

The University of South Alabama School of Computing (SoC) offers the following undergraduate programs of study:

Computer Science

Computer Science (CSC)

A Computer Science degree offers an in-depth study of computer programming from theory to cutting-edge development of computer solutions. Our CSC program prepares students for jobs that involve technical programming and developing new algorithms.

Information Systems and Technology

Information Systems (ISC)

An Information Systems degree prepares students to become professionals who analyze the evolving role of information and organizational processes. Their work includes the design, implementation, and maintenance of the information systems that form the backbone of today's global economy.

Information Technology (ITE)

Our Information Technology degree prepares students to find jobs within companies where they determine and implement the best technology solutions for the given situation. IT students study networking, web design, information assurance, cyber security, and digital forensics.

Health Informatics (HI)

A degree in Health Informatics enables students to be part of the digital revolution that is changing healthcare and improving patients' lives. HI graduates work with physicians, nurses, and other clinical team members to reduce errors, identify new treatments, improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the healthcare organization, and empower patients to be more involved in their own care.