Research Groups

Some of the SoC faculty engaged in cybersecurity research

Some of the SoC faculty engaged in cybersecurity research

Data Science Ensemble

Rapid increases in computing and storage technologies have revolutionized the collection and processing of large volumes of data. The aim of the DSC group is to conduct research related to big data, data mining, and knowledge engineering. Areas of interest include anomaly detection, biological imagery, biological sequence mining, pattern mining, ontology generation, semantic reasoning, and big data governance.

Digital Forensics Information Intelligence (DFII)

The DFII research group examines a range of issues relevant to industry, law enforcement and intelligence gathering efforts. Hence, research topics of interest include: cloud environments, cyber-physical systems, mobile devices, the Internet of Things (IoT), and reverse engineering software and hardware environments along with anti-forensic actives in all of these areas.

Health Informatics

The USA Health Informatics Research Group is currently focused on two major areas of research, education and outreach: risk assessment of healthcare systems and health informatics curriculum development. Our research group includes Full, Associate, and Assistant professors from both the School of Computing and the College of Nursing and industry partners. The USA Health Informatics group is emerging as a center of research for risk assessment of healthcare data and systems and pedagogical innovations in health informatics curriculum and education.

Software Protection and Exploitation (SPERG)

SPERG is a multidisciplinary research group of faculty and students with computing, engineering, and security focus. We are looking for stand-out graduate and undergraduate students who want to pursue research in the areas of software protection and exploitation such as software obfuscation, malware analysis, and intrusion detection. In addition to research, members work on publications and finding funding opportunities for students.