Fox 10 Story About Facebook and their Interview with Les Barnett

Posted on March 29, 2018 by Keith Lynn
Keith Lynn

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News Is Committed to Your Family's Safety -- and Privacy. Tonight, we're taking a closer look at Social Media giant, Facebook. Fox Ten News reporter Steve Alexander joins us live in the studio now with details on changes the company is making. Steve? All this started after revelations that a British political consulting firm gained access to private information on more than 50 million Facebook users.

Facebook today announced it's rolling out a new system allowing people to change their settings from one place, rather than going through 20 separate actions across the platform. From the new page, users can control the personal information the social network keeps on them, and download and review a file of data Facebook has collected about them. Sound. "Will That Help You Think? Sure 5:32 Pmit Will. Anything you can do to set your security parameters the way you want them. " Les Barnett is Director of the Center for Forensics at the University of South Alabama. He says the only way to absolutely protect your security on Facebook is don't get on it. But he says you can lessen the risk sound "If you want to be really safe you can only receive E Mail from people that are on your list. " Other experts say you can set your default sharing settings to "Friends" instead "Public". Also you can go in your Apps, Websites, and Plug-Ins Section, hit edit, and disable the platform. I talked to people around Mobile about their thoughts on Facebook security issues. Sound. "My main concern is with the trust Factor now because it seems as though they knew there was information getting out and misinformation being communicated to the consumer and they weren't doing anything about it." Sound "You worried about security on Facebook? I wouldn't think so. I think it's pretty secure for right now." Sound "Haven't had any issues on Facebook from this point." Sound "I don't use Facebook"

Facebook says the system will be introduced gradually or the coming weeks. Reporting Live from the Studio Steve Alexander Fox Ten News Mark Zuckerberg.

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