2015 TeamUSA QEP Educator of Distinction Awards

Posted on September 9, 2015 by QEP

Each year after a nomination and selection process, the TeamUSA QEP Educator of Distinction Award is presented to a faculty member implementing Team-Based Learning (TBL) above and beyond the expectations of their colleagues and students. For the 2014-2015 academic year, two faculty members were selected and presented with the 2015 TeamUSA QEP Educator of Distinction Award: Dr. Susan Gordon-Hickey and Dr. Jennifer Styron. These faculty demonstrate passionate conviction for using TBL to provide an exceptional education for their students and are willing to share their knowledge and skills with other faculty.


Dr. Susan Gordon-Hickey


Dr. Susan Gordon-Hickey is an Associate Professor and Graduate Coordinator for the Department of Audiology. In response to her nomination, Dr. Gordon-Hickey stated, “I was inspired by the QEP and have found great benefits of applying the Team-Based Learning (TBL) model in my classroom.” Her colleague Dr. Samuel Fisher admires her “strong interest in providing the best instructional and intellectual environment for students.”



Dr. Jennifer Styron


Dr. Jennifer Styron, Assistant Professor & Director of Special Projects and Evaluation in the Department of Community/Mental Health Nursing claims she “whole-heartedly believes TBL provides students with the opportunity to improve communication and collaboration, problem solving skills, and provides the opportunity to transfer content to real life application.” It comes as no surprise that her colleague, Dr. Bridget Moore, describes her as “a special person and a wonderful educator, dedicated to the success of our students.”



Dr. Gordon-Hickey and Dr. Sytron deserve this recognition for the enthusiastic work they have accomplished - and continue to accomplish - in order to further improve the quality of education provided here at the University of South Alabama.


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