First Generation College Student


Typically, a First Generation College Student can be defined as a student whose parents or guardians did not complete a four-year college degree. At South, we realize that some students may not always fit into this category. Therefore, we strive to support all students who may identify themselves as having limited exposure to  college life and may need additional support to navigate their academic endeavors.  

We pride ourselves on being a place where all students can succeed. Not surprisingly, many of our administrators, faculty, staff, and alumni were also the first in their families to attend college. We encourage our first generation students to connect with faculty, staff, and peers to network and seek resources as needed.

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Resources for First Generation Students

Student Academic Success wants to help students get connected with student groups, events, and resources. In addition to existing student resources on campus, we will host First Gen Student Events to ensure that students utilize their resources, connect with faculty and staff, and feel like they are a part of a supportive community at South.