The CAE Team


Michael B. (he/him/his)

Subject Tutor

Michael is a Mitchell Scholar from Satsuma, AL. He is majoring in finance with a minor in mathematics. After graduation, he plans to pursue a career in the field of actuarial science.

Allie Biopic  

Allie B. (she/her/hers)

Project Tutor

Allie is a freshman chemical engineering major here at South. She is from the small town of Satsuma, AL. Some of her hobbies include swimming and ping pong.

Anna profile  

Anna B. (she/her/hers)

Tutor/Project Assistant

Anna is a sophomore secondary education major. She likes to read books and watch movies, specifically mysteries. She wants to teach high school English and help students learn to love reading and writing the way she does.


Ty B. (she/her/hers)

Subject/Writing Tutor

TyChaunda (also known as Ty) is a junior psychology major with a minor in English. She is from New Orleans, Louisiana and loves South. After finishing her undergraduate,, she plans to pursue a master's degree in mental health counseling. Outside of tutoring she enjoys reading, writing, listening to music, and watching tv. She is also a JagPAL for FYE.


Felicity B. (she/her/hers)

Subject Tutor

Felicity is a sophomore mechanical engineering major from Lexington, Kentucky. She hopes to go into ocean engineering in the future. She is the treasurer for the Marine Science Student Association and is also heavily involved in the theater department at South. In her free time, Felicity enjoys reading, hanging out with friends, and spending time at the beach.

Jeremy Profile picture  

Jeremy B. (he/they)

Writing Tutor

Jeremy is a first-year graduate student in English with a concentration in literature. He holds BA's in English and Philosophy from Spring Hill College and currently lives in Semmes. In addition to his passion for learning and tutoring, they also love fantasy, storytelling, and gaming.

Jerri profile  

Jerri C. (she/her/hers)

Subject Tutor

Jerri is from Cedar Bluff,  Alabama, right off the border of Georgia. She spends her free time crocheting and reading good books. She became a tutor to help serve her fellow peers trough an academic capacity. Jerri is majoring in nursing and intends to become a pediatric nurse practitioner.


Bianca C. (she/her/hers)

Subject Tutor

Bianca is in her third year at South and is majoring in biomedical sciences with a concentration in pre-health professions. She spends most of her time studying with friends and working as a resident assistant for the University.  After finishing her undergraduate at South, Bianca plans to attend medical school.

Day profile  

Darian C. (she/her/hers)

Subject Tutor

Darian is a senior from the small town of Butler, AL in Choctaw County. She double majors in secondary education and mathematics. She plans to teach high school mathematics. Her goal is to be the teacher that students know care about them. She aspires to inspire and uplift her students one math lesson at a time.

Mariah bio pic  

Mariah C. (she/her/hers)

Writing Lab Tutor

Mariah is a first year grad student working on her Master's in Creative Writing. She graduated with a Bachelor's in English from the University of South Alabama in May 2023. She works as a CompPal, writing tutor, and Editor-in-Chief of Oracle: Fine Arts Review. 

Kate bio pic  

Kate D. (she/they)

Subject Tutor

Hi! I’m Kate. I’m a junior nursing major at south. I’m from Chicago and I love to rock climb and perform in the color guard with JMB!


Parker D. (he/him/his)

Subject Tutor

Parker is a third year exercise science major here at South Alabama. He enjoys being active both at South and off campus. Parker enjoys playing music and is even apart of the Jaguar Marching Band on campus. 

Allison image  

Allison D. (she/her/hers)

Subject Tutor

Allison is a third year student majoring in exercise science and minoring in both psychology and Spanish. Allison hopes to become an occupational therapist and work with kids in the future, and currently she is a part of the Pre-OT Club at South. She loves to read books, run, and volunteer at Kaleidoscope in her spare time, and she hopes to help fellow students through tutoring.

Matthew profile  

Matthew D. (he/him/his)

Subject Tutor

Matthew is a sophomore computer science major. He is originally from Woodland Hills, California, but has lived in Mobile since 2011. Matthew graduated from Baker High school in 2017. His hobbies include playing video games and reading.


Brayan F. (he/him/his)

Subject Tutor

Brayan is a sophomore majoring in computer science with a minor in math. He loves to code, play soccer, work on math, and watch anime during his free time. Brayan was born in Puerto Rico, but has lived in Mobile, AL, for the last 11 years. As a result, he is fluent in Spanish and English. In the future, he plans on attending medical school and becoming a physician. 

Noah bio pic  

Noah F. (he/him/his)

Subject Tutor

My name is Noah, I'm a math and physics double major, and I am from Florence, Alabama.


Manisha G. (she/her/hers)

Subject/Writing Tutor

Manisha is pre-med biochemistry major from Huntsville,  Alabama. She can often be found in front of her dorm with a good book or crochet hook in her hand. She speaks three languages: Telugu, English, and Hindi. Manisha first became interested in tutoring after using the Writing Center services during her freshman year. 


Jay G. (he/him/his)

Writing Lab Tutor

Jay is a graduate student in English with a concentration in Creative Writing. He enjoys reading and writing poetry and fiction, watching movies, and playing games. In the future he hopes to teach English abroad.


Emma H.

Writing Lab Tutor

Emma is a first year graduate student studying English with a concentration in literature. Having obtained a B.S. in computer information systems, she aims to combine literary and technical knowledge by eventually pursuing a master’s in library and information science. Emma is also a piano teacher, a pianist for several churches, and president of the Mobile Music Teachers Association. In another world, she lives as obsession gone rogue.

Connor bio pic  

Connor H.

Subject Tutor

Connor is a Biomedical Sciences Major and Music Minor student who plans to enter into medical school. Connor is involved in several pre health and research clubs on campus, if you are interested in any of those please ask him. When Connor is not busy on campus, he runs, climbs, plays soccer, and hangs out with his Scarlatti: his 4 pound dog. 


Willy J. (he/him/his)

Project Assistant

A sophomore majoring in English, Willy enjoys rock climbing in his free time and if he's not doing that, then he's probably hanging out with friends. He delights in playing games with friends online and helping people with any problems they have that could even be tangentially related to his major. Willy hopes to have a career as a literature professor so that he can teach the interesting stuff, and to selfishly indulge his desire to hear any and all interpretations of a text.

Sadiya bio pic  

Sadiya J. (she/her/hers)

Writing Lab Tutor

Sadiya is a graduate student at the University of South Alabama, originally from Bangladesh. She is pursuing her master’s degree in English literature. Her research focuses on Women and Gender Studies. She loves to make the world a better place.


Jenna K. (she/her/hers)

Nursing Tutor

Jenna is a junior attending the college of nursing. Her interests include indoor cycling, weightlifting, writing, and designing. Her projected goals are to become a nurse anesthetist or women’s health nurse.

Riley profile  

Riley K.

Project Assistant

Riley is a theater major, with a minor in English. In her free time, which is rare, Riley enjoys playing D&D with friends and studying theme park history.


Gretchen K. (she/her/hers)

Project Assistant

Gretchen Krause is a psychology major at the University of South Alabama. She loves reading, rock climbing, and cooking. After graduating, she plans to become a trauma and grief therapist for children.


Macy L.

Subject Tutor

Macy is a Mitchell College of Business (MCOB) student hailing from the great state of Texas. She runs track and cross country for the Jags and is a part of Campus Outreach and Club 5:05. In her free time, she loves hanging out with her teammates and trying new coffee shops.


Addie L. (she/her/hers)

Writing Lab Tutor

Addie is a sophomore majoring in radiologic sciences. Her favorite things include reading, listening to music, online shopping, and dogs. In the future, she would like to be an ultrasound technician and travel around the U.S.


Sarah L. (she/her/hers)

Subject Tutor

Sarah is a nursing major with a Spanish minor from Birmingham, Alabama. She is very passionate about biology, reading, animals, crochet, knitting, working out, and ballet. Her favorite holidays are Christmas and Mardi Gras, and she loves visiting her family in New Orleans. Sarah was inspired to tutor because she looks up to her grandmother, who was a fourth grade teacher.

Brian bio pic  

Brian N. (he/him/his)

Subject Tutor

Brian is a passionate mechanical engineering student that blends creativity with precision. Fascinated by the intersection of math and design, he often utilizes mathematical concepts to enhance his personal projects. He often spends his free time building various objects or practicing his art skills.


Anita N. (she/her/hers)

Writing Lab Tutor

Anita is a sophomore biomedical sciences major with a concentration in pre-health professions and a minor in sociology. She loves to knit, crochet, sew, and has a bunch of other hobbies as well. After graduation, she hopes to be in dental school and pursue her dream career as an orthodontist.

Addison bio pic  

Addison R. (she/her/hers)

Subject Tutor

Addison is a junior Speech and Hearing major with a minor in psychology. She transferred from Coastal Community College where she played alto sax in the Sun Chief Sound band. Her hobbies include crocheting, watching any sort of doctor show on Netflix, and baking. After her undergrad Addison plans to apply for Graduate school with the pursuit of being a Speech Pathologist.

Madeline Bio Pic  

Madeline R. (she/her/hers)

Nursing Tutor

Madeline is a senior nursing student from Grove hill, Alabama. She plans to work in the ICU after graduation and live in Mobile,Al. She loves to help other nursing students learn and grow.

semyra bio pic  

Semyra R. (she/her/hers)

Project Assistant

Semyra is a Marine Science major who earned her Associates of Arts & Sciences from MGCCC as a part of the Colligate Academy program. Born and raised in George County Mississippi, she was the 2022 Distinguished Young Woman of her county and Historian of her class. She hopes to one day earn her PhD and study the many wonders of the deep blue sea.

Micheal R bio pic  

Michael R. (he/him/his)

Subject Tutor

Hi, my name is Michael. I am in the honors college and going for a degree in mechanical engineering. I like doing origami and playing some video games. If you need a conservation starter, ask me about my cats. I would love to share!


Carolyn S. (she/her/hers)

Nursing Tutor

Originally from Birmingham, Carolyn is pursuing her bachelor's degree in nursing at South Alabama. She comes from a family of 11 siblings and works part time as a certified cake decorator. In her free time, Carolyn enjoys reading, napping or playing with her two cats, Hank and Nemo.


Keeleigh S. (she/her/hers)

Project Assistant

Keeleigh is a first-year at South Alabama, and she is from Gulfport, Mississippi! She enjoys reading, hanging out with her little sisters, and going to the gym in her free time. She also loves coffee!

Monae bio pic  

Monae S. (she/her/hers)

Project Assistant

Hey! My name is Annie, I’m a psychology major with a minor in sociology. I graduate in May of 2024 and plan to go to graduate school after. I have a interest in working with children in the foster care system so I plan to go into that career field. A fun fact about it is I love pasta. 


Hannah W. (she/her/hers)

Project Assistant

Hannah is a sophomore majoring in history with a minor in museum studies. She hopes to one day work in museum curation or conservation after attending graduate school. She enjoys talking about history, art, and the environment. In her spare time, she enjoys painting, baking, and watching movies. In the future, she plans to study abroad in Europe to learn more about her future career.


Aaron W. (he/him/his)

Subject Tutor

Aaron is a biology major from Huntsville, AL where he developed a love of hiking and the outdoors. He is passionate about ecological research, and has plans to continue on to grad school. He aspires to teach at the college level.

Shakera bio pic  

Shakera W. (she/her/they)

Subject Tutor

Shakera or Kera is a calm and empathetic individual. She likes to paint, draw, and play Sims. She focuses on getting students to think their questions through with guidance and encourages them to practice the questions until they understand. 

Ta'Niyah bio pic  

Ta'Niyah W. (she/her/hers)

Subject Tutor

Ta'Niyah is from Gulfport, Ms, majoring in Biomedical Sciences. She is planning on going into Occupational Therapy with hopes to earn her doctorate degree and travel. This is her second year here at South and she enjoys shopping and trying new foods. 

Maggie bio pic  

Maggie Y. (she/her/hers)

Project Assistant

Maggie is a junior pre-radiology who loves mysteries and Greek mythology. Creative writing and reading are her favorite hobbies. She also loves superheroes and can talk endlessly about DC comic books. 


Ethan Z. (he/him/his)

Subject Tutor

Ethan is a sophomore chemistry major from Huntsville, Alabama. He likes to go on runs, go camping, and play games with friends. He also enjoys reading and watching horror and history movies.


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