About Us

The University established the Office of Compliance to provide central oversight over the many various University and USA Health compliance and regulatory related processes. Leading the department is the Chief Compliance Officer, who reports administratively to the Executive Vice President of the University.

The Office of Compliance is ideally kept abreast of any identified compliance-related risks by stakeholders, or reports of compliance concerns by members of the University community. The Office of Compliance participates with applicable stakeholders in the investigation and resolution of compliance issues to assure that appropriate subject matter experts are involved, and that effective, reasonable corrective actions are taken which address root causes.

To be most effective, the Office of Compliance relies on a dotted-line reporting structure whereby University (Campus and USA Health) compliance stakeholders report significant compliance issues, particularly those that pose a financial or reputational risk to the University, to the Office of Compliance.

Additional responsibilities of the Office of Compliance include:

  1. Coordinate and monitor the processes and activities that comprise the University’s compliance program
  2. Assist members of the University community in identifying, understanding, and meeting compliance obligations
  3. Provide safe, anonymous and effective mechanisms for raising compliance questions or concerns
  4. Assist compliance stakeholders in the development of policies and procedures
  5. Maintain the University’s policy library
  6. Advise senior university leadership on compliance matters
  7. Attend a variety of committee meetings to keep abreast of University operations
  8. Promote education and training on compliance-related topics

Chris Hansen, MBA, CHC
Chief Compliance Officer
(251) 460-7115