This section provides who, when and how training must be completed.

  • Designated research sponsors require COI training. Reference of PHS agencies and Non-PHS organizations that are subject to the federal conflict of interest regulations.

  • Consult the Guide for Taking Financial Conflict of Interest training

  • COI training must be complete prior to engaging in PHS funded research or Non-PHS organizations that are subject to the federal conflict of interest regulations, and no less often than every four (4) years. Specifically, completion of training should take place prior to or at the time of award.  The Office of Grants and Contracts Accounting will validate the required training prior to issuing a FUND number.

  • In Other Circumstances. An Investigator must complete COI training immediately when any of the following apply:
    • The University revises its PHS Financial Conflict of Interest Policy or Procedures in any manner that affects the requirements of Investigators, or
    • An Investigator is newly appointedor
    • The University finds that an Investigator is not in compliance with the University’s FCOI Policy, Procedures or a Management Plan.

  • The Office of Research Compliance will arrange for your College, Department or Research Group to provide a training session on the PHS regulations and applicability to our institutional policies and procedures. Please contact Dusty Layton or 460-6625.