Since January 1988 the Coastal Weather Research Center has been providing weather services to business and industry throughout the Southeast. Initially, all communication was done strictly by telephone. However, by the end of the first year, the Weather Center developed the Computerized Weather Information Service, now known as the Coastal Weather Information Service. In 1989, the Center added a weather facsimile service called Stormcheck. Today, the Weather Center delivers accurate and timely information by email, the CWRC website, and by direct telephone. 

Forecast and Warning Service

Coastal Weather’s Forecast and Warning Service is our most comprehensive service. If severe weather threatens, the Weather Center will immediately contact your emergency team members. This service is available 24/7/365. Forecasts and warnings are also posted on the CWRC website. The website provides an array of information, forecasts, and warnings from the Coastal Weather Research Center and the National Weather Service. This service also includes the Center's tropical weather service.  Also provided in the Forecast and Warning Service is the Stormcheck which contains pinpoint city forecasts for 36 cities within the CWRC service area along with an easy to read discussion. The Stormcheck is emailed every morning and afternoon Monday through Friday.

Tropical Weather Service

The Coastal Weather Research Center's tropical storm and hurricane forecast services combine state-of-the-art decision support services with a newer suite of supportive probabilistic tropical cyclone products such as, probability of sustained tropical storm, high-end tropical storm and hurricane force wind speeds as well as the heavily relied upon earliest arrival time of sustained tropical storm force winds. These newer products will greatly assist when developing a practical range of expectations based on outcomes and will also greatly assist in the consideration of a reasonable worst case scenario for planning purposes. In addition, deterministic  forecast values of wind speeds and gusts for each client’s points have now been made as simple as a ‘point and click’ away and will be shown with respect to the forecast track cone of uncertainty (aka, the ‘cone’). These hourly point-based forecast data will be updated, at a minimum of every three hours, and any newer information will now be available 24 hours per day. In addition, two main forecast decision support packets will be sent each day which will highlight wind and/or storm surge impacts. These packets will be sent by once in the morning and another in the afternoon once a storm become a threat to any single client. These services are in addition to the tropical cyclone forecast discussions each day addressing the evolving meteorological situation. The hurricane service runs from June through November and covers both the Gulf and Atlantic coasts although updates will be provided for any pre-season and/or post-season storms.