▼   Employee Eligibility
If you are a regular, full-time (1.0 FTE) employee and have completed six months of employment on the first day of classes per the University Academic Calendar, you and your eligible spouse/dependents enrolled at the University of South Alabama may qualify for the educational benefit.
▼   What requirements determine dependent eligibility for the Educational Benefit Plan (tuition credit)?
The educational benefit is also available to eligible spouses and unmarried dependent children of employees. For educational benefit purposes, eligible spouses and dependent children are defined as follows:
  1. Spouse as recognized by the State of Alabama
  2. Unmarried children include the biological, legally-adopted, step-, foster, or any other legally dependent children of the employee who are under 25 years of age on the first day of classes
▼   As a University retiree, will I remain eligible for the Educational Benefit? As a University retiree, will my eligible spouse and/or dependent children remain eligible for the Educational Benefit?
Yes. The University’s Educational Benefit Plan will continue for the life of the University retiree if the University retiree was eligible for this benefit at the time of retirement. All other conditions of the Educational Benefit Plan apply.
▼   Are graduate and doctoral programs eligible for the tuition credit?

Yes. The benefit applies only to enrollment at the University of South Alabama. Employees and eligible dependents adhere to the same admissions related requirements and procedures as all students enrolled in classes at the University.

Exceptions - the Mitchell College of Business Doctoral Program is excluded from the Employee Educational Benefit. Tuition and fee charges paid by a Graduate Assistantship will not be eligible for the Employee Educational Benefit.

The tuition rate is based on the employee’s date of employment and the degree program.

▼   Graduate Assistantships and the Employee Educational Benefit Plan

Tuition and Fees paid as a component of Graduate Assistantships, stipends, or fellowships will not be eligible for EEB. Should any course not qualify as an authorized tuition expense through the Graduate School, or the registered credit hours exceed the maximum covered under the student's assistantship, EEB may be applied to the additional tuition cost (following EEB eligibility criteria).

EEB credit will be assessed only on those registered hours not already covered by the existing tuition credit.