Reporting Concerns

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The University of South Alabama strives to have an ethical environment. All students, faculty and staff play an important role in maintaining the environment. Therefore, you are encouraged to report known or suspected misconduct committed by employees, third party contractors or other vendors.

What to Report

For the purposes of fraud reporting, suspected or known “misconduct” means fraud, waste, abuse, or noncompliance with laws or University policies.

When to Report

Employees are encouraged to report potentially fraudulent activity as soon as possible.

How to Report

There are a variety of different ways to report fraudulent activity. You can submit an email to or call 251.460.6393 to leave a voice message.

Good Faith

Employees who report items must have a reasonable, good faith basis to make the report.


No employee should retaliate against any employee who reports a concern in good faith. Retaliation in any form is against the organization's non retaliation policy.

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