Edge AI Certification Program

Person working with Artificial Intelligence

Center for Continuing Education AI Certification Program

Bring your organization and career to the forefront with a certificate in Edge AI. Build a skill set that enables you to integrate Edge AI practices into the workplace and transform your business. Be the one in your organization that deploys the right AI technologies to automate routine tasks, enhance results through data analytics, create efficiencies throughout your business, and expedite problem solving.

Edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) has recently gained significant attention as a novel AI paradigm. By doing the AI computations closer to the user at the edge of the network, Edge AI enables real-time decision making, alleviates dependence on the cloud, manages secure data locally, and reduces the high energy burden of cloud computing.

  • Edge AI reduces complexity so algorithms can be supported by edge devices.
  • Edge AI enables reduction of power-hungry hardware schemes and reduces
    development cycles
  • Edge AI enables improved sensing techniques guaranteeing the availability and usability
    of Edge device data.

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