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Gathered under the brand JagAnalytics, Tableau is a data analysis and visualizations software adopted by the University of South Alabama which features high quality data visualizations and modern business intelligence techniques. Tableau tools aid the Office of Institutional Research and our leadership partners across the university to engage with USA’s data to develop and publish compelling graphics compiled from the data.

Please note the number of Tableau licenses available for JagAnalytics is currently limited and to protect the security of the data and to secure strategic planning resources, JagAnalytics is only accessible by signing in with your Jag number and secure JagNet Password that is used for JagMail. Institutional users with a Tableau license can login to access JagAnalytics at https://analytics.southalabama.edu/.

For more information about JagAnalytics, Tableau, or how the Office of Institutional Research can aid in developing visualizations and dashboards for administrative use, please contact Paul Stonecipher by email or calling (251) 461-1470.

Helpful Resources and Guidance

Tableau Quick Guide

Standard Glossary (basic definition of terms used in Dashboards)

In addition, Tableau provides a variety of resources to increase your skills with Tableau whether you are a first-time user or looking to develop professional developer skills:

Sharing Visualizations

Visualizations that contain institutional data should be stored in Tableau Server, not Tableau Public. We also strongly recommend disabling options for downloading data when publishing a visualization to Tableau Server. Additionally, please remember Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) responsibilities to maintain the security of protected personal information. More information about FERPA can be obtained at https://www2.ed.gov/ferpa.