Facilities Surveys

"Administered every year until 2015, Facilities Survey will be administered every other year beginning 2015 with next administration scheduled in spring of 2017."

Planned Facilities Survey for 2017

A sample of students and faculty will be surveyed to provide input to the Campus Master Plan committee on campus facilities.  If you receive this survey, please take a few minutes to complete as this feedback will be considered as part of the 2017 update to campus master plan.  If you have any questions about or problems with the survey, please contact Institutional Effectiveness at effectiveness@southalabama.edu.  

Summary of Facilities Surveys 2013-2015 

Below are some highlights from the past three administrations for the committee to consider in developing a more targeted survey of the campus community this fall, which may be a survey or a series of interviews and/or focus groups.

  1. Buildings: the Life Sciences and Humanities buildings receive the greatest number of comments with regard to the need for significant renovation or a new building
  2. Disability access: The entire campus and all buildings, even newer ones should be evaluated for current ADA compliance.
  3. Safety: Many concerns about ability to secure offices and classrooms in the event of an emergency; lighting in parking lots, security presence when night classes are finishing.
  4. Wifi access and coverage
  5. Space needed for large computer lab classes
  6. Classroom technology (e.g., projection, smartboards, etc.)

The good news is that we have a great maintenance and housekeeping staff!!!