Master Plan

  • Newly Renovated Student Health Center
  • Student Health Center Front Desk
  • Student Health Center Lab
  • Student Health Center Side Entrance
  • Student Health Center Check out
  • Student Health Center Check in
  • Student Health Center Side View
  • Student Health Center Nursing Station
  • Student Health Center Front Desk

Committee Mission Statement

The Campus Master Plan Committee assesses the adequacy of the the University of South Alabama's physical facilities to support its mission and Strategic Plan and updates the master plan as needed.  The Committee fosters openness and inclusion as part of its process by engaging with and soliciting feedback from the university community.

Campus Facilities Surveys 
A sample of students and faculty will be surveyed to provide input regarding campus facilities to the Campus Master Plan committee.

Click for more details or contact Institutional Effectiveness.

Focus Groups
Who is talking?
Focus groups have been scheduled around campus to get opinions on where you would like us to focus our efforts.

Check out who we are talking with and what they are saying. 

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scheduled events
Committee Meetings
September 8
October 13
November 21
December 8
January 5
February 14
March 16 (meeting cancelled)
April 13
May 11