USA Photography

Our photography style is light, airy and natural. We want to capture and share the authentic experiences that are happening on our campus and at our health system.

Below is a selection of commonly used USA photography. These photographs are available for members of the USA community to download and use in University publications, websites and other materials. By downloading and using these photo files, you are agreeing to use these photographs in accordance with the standards outlined in the photography section of the USA Brand Guidelines.

If you have specific photography needs and would like to request a more comprehensive review of existing photography in our photo archives, or to schedule a photographer for a campus photo shoot, please use the Photography Request form on our website.

NOTE: Before using any USA photography for sponsorships or for paid/commercial advertising purposes, please contact the Office of Marketing and Communications to ensure that appropriate rights and releases are on file.

To save a photo, click on the small image, which will open the large .JPG image in a separate window. You can then download the image to your computer.

▼   USA Buildings
Mitchell Center East Mitchell Center West Coastal Weather Research Center Tholos of Delphi Replica
Student Center West Entrance MCI Kilborn Clinic Allied Sciences Main Entrance Allied Sciences Main Entrance - Differnt Angle
Hippocrates Statue at College of Medicine University Commons - College of Education Marx Library - Northwest Corner Marx Library - Interior
Shelby Hall - Interior Strada Patient Care Center Strada Patient Care Center - East Entrance Student Rec Center Climbing Wall
Allied Health Lobby Alumni Hall - Southpaw Sculpture Student Rec Center Water Feature - Left View Student Rec Center Water Feature - Right View
Dining Hall - Main Entrance Faculty Club - Main Entrance Marx Library - North Side Marx Library - North East Corner
Meisler Hall at Night Meisler Hall Lawn Sculpture Meisler Hall - West Entrance Mitchell Center Sculpture
Mitchell College of Business Sign Mitchell College of Business Computer Lab Mitchell College of Business at Night Mobile Townhouse - Front
Seamans Bethel - Southwest Corner Seamans Bethel - Bench Seamans Bethel Flowers Shelby Hall Atrium
Shelby Hall Atrium Logo Shelby Hall at Night Shelby Hall Wide Angle Student Rec Center Weight Room
Stokes Hall - Center Stokes Hall Stairs Stokes Hall - Left Student Center Staircase
Student Center East Side Student Rec Center Indoor Pool Student Rec Center Basketball Court Student Rec Center Wide Angle
▼   USA Health System
CWH3 CWH4 USA Health MCI01
MCI02 MCI03 MCI04 health systems MCI05 health systems
MCIDay MCINight Research USACWH1
USACWH2 CWHEntrance01 CWHEntrance03 CWHCourtyard05
CWHCourtyard04 USA Health    
▼   Moulton Tower
JaguarandMoultonTowersm bell tower bell tower 1 bell tower sunset
moulten tower 4 moulten tower 5 jaguar and moulten tower side view night lights moulten tower
close view of moulten tower      
▼   USA Events
USA Events USA Events USA Events USA Events
USA Events USA Events USA Events USA Events
USA Events USA Events theatre2 theatre3
grad1 grad2 graduation ceremony music1
music2 music3 theatre1  
▼   USA Athletics
USA Athletics USA Athletics USA Athletics USA Athletics
women basketball USA Football USA Students football game football field house
USA Cheerleaders USA Golf USA Baseball USA Football coach
USA Band2 marching band marching band 2 USA Marching Band Drum
Mitchell Center Basketball Court Ms. Pawla USA Soccer Player USA Soccer Player 2
USA Softball Player Southpaw running with USA Cheerleaders USA Tennis Player USA Track and Field
USA Track and Field 2 USA Volleyball Court during game USA Basketball Player  
▼   Mobile City and Region
Mobile Region Mobile Region 2 Mobile Region 3 Mobile Region 4
Mobile Region 5 Mobile Region 6 Mobile Region 7 Mobile Region 8
Mobile Region 9 Mobile Region 10 Mobile Region 11 Mobile Region 12
Mobile Region 13 Mobile Region 14 Mobile Region 15 Mobile Region 16
Mobile Region 17 Mobile Region 18 Mobile Region 19 Mobile Region 20
Mobile Region 21 Mobile Region 22 Mobile Region 23 Mobile Region 24
Mobile Region 25 Mobile Region 26 Mobile Region 27 Mobile Region 28
Mobile Region 29 Mobile Region 30 Mobile Region 31 Mobile Region 32
Mobile Region 33 Mobile Region 34 Mobile Region 35 Mobile Region 36