Becoming a Speaker

The Speakers Bureau was created to connect South speakers who can talk knowledgably about specific topics with audiences. The overall objective is to create a results-oriented South Speakers Bureau to engage, inform and serve the campus and Gulf Coast Community. South Speakers will represent a diverse group of student leaders, alumni board, faculty, staff and administrators. 


  • Once you complete the online form to sign up, your information will be added to a database. Please list whether you want to be an expert, which means you are willing to comment on breaking news, trends, and ongoing developing news.
  • Marketing and Communications will share basic information about the request and confirm the talk. We will then connect you with the campus, community group or organization, where you finalize the logistics.
  • Marketing and Communications will promote Speakers Bureau to the campus and community at large.
  • The length of the presentation will be confirmed with the community group and organization.
  • If you would like to join the Speakers Bureau, but don’t feel confident as a speaker, consider joining a local Toastmaster organization at:

If you have any questions, please contact Joy Washington at (251) 460-6638 or send an email to

To volunteer, please fill out the form below. Your name, photo and topic information will be added to our Speakers Bureau website (your phone numbers will not be published), and we will contact you when a request for you to speak at an event or meeting is submitted to our office.

If you agree to speak, we will connect you directly to the organization to discuss logistics and audio-visual needs.

Media Experts Database

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