Annual Re-registration of Student Organization

Students at Holi Fest


Every student organization must renew its registration by August 31, 2019 to remain in good standing and retain the privileges and benefits made available to registered student organizations. If a student organization is inactive (does not register with our office for over one academic year), the organization is subject to the policies and procedures required of New Student Organizations, as mentioned under the "Forming a Student Organization“ section.

Annual Renewal/Re-registration of Student Organizations

To renew your existing organization for the academic year:
1. Go to and sign into your account
2. Click on “My Memberships” and select the organization you wish to edit
3. Click on “Settings” then select “Organization Settings”
4. Select “Update and Renew Profile” then update organization information

5. Submit your renewal by clicking “Finish”

A Student Activities staff member will review your submission and contact you with any questions or feedback. You will receive a confirmation message when your organization renewal submission is approved.


Need a little more help? Check out our Renewal Guide