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Jaguar Productions

Entertainment Done Right

About Jaguar Productions

Jaguar Productions (JP) is the official Student Activities Board for the University of South Alabama.  Striving to provide the ultimate campus experience, Jaguar Productions encourages student involvement and community building through entertaining, educational, and diverse events. 

Our events include:

  • Block Party
  • Comedy shows
  • Poetry nights
  • Live music
  • Movies
  • Karaoke Nights
  • Open Mic Nights

JP is always looking for new ideas from students who want an exciting college experience.  JP offers you an opportunity to meet new people, form lasting friendships, and have a once in a lifetime experience! As a part of the JP family, you will be interacting and brainstorming with fellow members to provide entertainment for the entire campus. We welcome you to participate in any or all of our Committees. Regardless of your interests, we have a place for you to call home.  Join us on InvolveSouth!  

In Person Events Are Back! 

We missed seeing you all and we're coming back strong with in person events! When you need a break from classes JP is your source for #EntertainmentDoneRight! 

Finals Frenzy - Fall 2021

Finals Frenzy is BACK! The Student Center is your destination for when you need to take a break during finals week. We’ll have free food, activities, and giveaways for you to take a break while studying. Check out our calendar of activities this week! 

Sunday, December 5

  • Brinner & Movie featuring Black Widow
    Student Center Ballroom
    We’re kicking off Finals Frenzy with our classic Brinner & A Movie! Come enjoy some Brinner (Breakfast for dinner….get it?) while enjoying the blockbuster of Black Widow. 

    Monday December 6

  • Therapy Dogs
    Student Center East Lobby
    11:00am - 1:00pm
    Need a furry friend to take the stress away? We’ll have therapy dogs for you to pet and love on! The Counseling Center will be on hand to give you some stress relief ideas. 

  • Trivia Night
    Student Center Terrace
    Bring your friends, form a team, and play some live trivia! Our DJ will test your knowledge on music, movies, history, science (SCIENCE!) and other pop culture topics while playing the latest tunes. We’ll have prizes for our top teams along with some free food! 

    Tuesday, December 7

  • Outdoor Yoga
    Student Center Amphitheater
    Come calm your mind in the fresh air with some outdoor Yoga! Our instructors will make it easy for you to relax and calm your head before your next test. We’ll have mats available or you can bring your own. 
    Presented by: Department of Campus Recreation

  • Relaxation Station
    Student Center Ballroom
    10:00am - 3:00pm
    Take a break from studying for finals and come relax with Scholarship Services. Relieve some stress, release your inner child and grab a snack. We’ll have bubble wrap, fidget spinners, coloring sheets, and card games for you to enjoy! 
    Presented by: Office of Scholarship Services

  • Coffee House Study Night 
    Student Center Ballroom
    Need some late night java? Come enjoy some coffee and snacks while listening to Mobile’s own Sergio Rangnel! 

    Wednesday, December 8

  • Massages & Art Therapy
    Student Center East Lobby
    10:00am - 2:00pm
    Nothing is more relaxing than a massage. We’ll have Mobile’s best massage therapists providing free chair massages! Your tension will disappear before your final stretch of tests. We’ll have coloring sheets available while you wait. 

  • Chips & Crafts
    Student Center Ballroom
    7:00pm - 9:00pm
    We’ll have some free DIY kits for you to let your creativeness flow such as cross stitch, puzzles, and air plants. Also, enjoy a free Nacho Bar! 

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