Mission and Strategic Goals

The mission of the University of South Alabama Student Health Center is to provide efficient and cost-effective healthcare services relevant to the needs of the University Community.  We strive to accomplish this through targeted health education and wellness promotion, as well as excellence in primary healthcare.


2018-2019 Strategic Goals

  • Improve the volume of foot traffic in our new strategic location on the main campus, due to increased convenience for students, by exploring effective marketing tactics that reflect the overall campus rebranding project.

  • Enhance allergy clinic services by improving our marketing efforts to inform our patients of this service to conveniently provide safe storage of allergy medications.

  • Continue to partner with strategic departments on campus to enforce the immunization requirements as early as possible before students matriculate and/or immediately after they matriculate which will diminish the number of students having to be placed on hold.

  • Enhance efforts to collaborate more effectively with USA Department of Counseling and Testing Services and Psychiatry.