Students Majoring in Health Care Programs

Physician Assistant Students

Who Is Eligible?

Those students that are attending classes (in a traditional classroom setting) on the Main Campus.

Please note: Health Insurance Coverage For Those Eligible Students Enrolled In A “Health Care Program” Must Be Purchased From The USA Student Health Center and Enrollment Information Sent on A School List.  STUDENTS CANNOT ENROLL ONLINE!

Please contact your university insurance representative, Rhonda Baxter at (251) 460-6022 or via email  to enroll.

How Much Does The Plan Cost?

Full-Time Student Annual
1st Semi Annual
2nd Semi Annual
2/1/18 - 7/31/18
Student $1,926 $966 $966
Spouse $1,926 $966 $966
Each Child $1,926 $966 $966
All Children $3,816 $1,914 $1,914
All Dependents $5,706 $2,862 $2,862


Required Enrollment Forms

Semi Annual Enrollment App 

Benefit Information

Policy Brochure Manual 

Summary Brochure