Request Copies of Your Records

How to Access Your Medical Records?

A medical record is established for each student during their first visit to the Health Center. The University Health service policy on confidentiality ensures a patient's right to privacy. All medical records are kept entirely confidential. Information cannot be released without your written permission. Except for a serious emergency, a student is responsible for notifying his or her parents or guardian regarding a health problem. This policy maintains the confidentiality necessary for a young adult, yet recognizes the need for parents and guardians to be adequately informed.

To obtain copies of material from your chart, click on the form below, fill it, print it, sign it and return it to the medical records office. Please contact the Medical Records Office at (251) 460-7151 to find out if there will be a charge associated with obtaining your information.

Be sure to sign your request and have it witnessed. We cannot legally process those that are unsigned. Copies will be ready for pick up within 24 hours.

There is no charge for your records to be sent to another medical facility.

Authorization To Disclose Health Records (PDF)

Please mail or fax the completed form to:

5870 Alumni Drive
Mobile, AL 36688
FAX: (251) 414-8227