Federal Benefits

We understand that using educational benefits at South is an important part of being a Jag Vet. Although this may be a new experience, these steps can simplify the process.

▼   1. Become A Jag!

Become a Jaguar! Once you have applied, the Admissions team will assist you with the admissions process. 

Remember to check your JagMail. This is the University's official means of communicating with you. We will send notifications to you through your JagMail, so check it early and often.

*Veterans and all servicemembers must submit their Military transcripts to use their GI Bill.

Based on your military experiences and training, you may have college credit recommendations to apply toward a degree requirement or program of study. This guide is designed to help you obtain college credit for your military training and experience, whether you are an active duty service member or a veteran.

The first step in the process is to get a copy of your military transcript. Click to get started!  

▼   2. Learn about your benefits.

We encourage you to research educational benefits you may qualify. 

Learn about VA Educational Benefit chapters here. 

▼   3. Apply for VA Benefits

Complete the application for VA Educational benefits at Vets.gov

Shortly after submitting the application, you will receive a Certificate of Eligibility from the Veterans Administration.

▼   4. Using my Benefits.

You must be an admitted student to use VA educational benefits at South.

  1. Provide the Office of Veterans Affairs a copy of your Certification of Eligibility.
  2. Create a file in the Office of Veterans Affairs by completing the Veterans Affairs Database Entry Form.
  3. Complete and email us a signed copy of the Acknowledgement of Student Responsibility
  4. Request Certification. DO THIS EVERY SEMESTER if you choose to use your benefits for that semester. All students must complete this, both graduate and undergraduate.

**Please note, all veterans and servicemembers must submit their military transcripts during the application process. You can not receive benefits for courses that you have successfully completed at another school. Learn how to submit your military transcript..

**If you have used your veterans benefits prior using them at South, go to vets.gov and complete the VA Form 22-1995 (veterans) or VA Form 22-5495 (dependents), Request for Change of Program or Place of Training.  Provide a copy of the confirmation page to the Office of Veterans Affairs.

▼   5. When will I receive my stipend and benefits?

This depends on the chapter of your benefit (see "Benefits" for details)

If using Chapter 33 Post 9/11 or Chapter 31 VR&E,  the VA will pay your tuition and fees once we have submitted them to the VA or after we have billed your VR&E counselor for them. This may take a few weeks before you see it hit your student account so we ask for your patience. If you are using Chapter 30, 1606, or 35, these benefits do not pay your tuition and fees. 

You will typically receive your stipend on the first of the month. What this means is, you will not receive your stipend until after the term has already started. For example: If the term starts on August 16th, you will receive your first stipend on September 1st. September's stipend will hit on October 1st and so on.