Student Run Free Clinic

  • 2023 Student Run FreeClinic executive board consisting of 18 individuals from 5 healthcare disciplines across both the University of South Alabama and Auburn Pharmacy.
  • Medical, pharmacy, and nursing students are debriefing with the preceptor to discuss an treatment plan for the patient.
  • Student Run Free Clinic Volunteers
  • 5 student volunteers
  • 2022 Board Members for SRFC
  • Audiology students pose with the USA SRFC banner after conducting an audiology and balancing screening at the clinic.


The University of South Alabama Student-Run Free Clinic (USA SRFC) is student-led initiative with the purpose of enhancing wellness amongst underserved populations in Mobile, Alabama. Through the USA SRFC, students across multiple health and social science disciplines collaborate to empower patients through health education, the promotion of health literacy, and improving access to community health resources. The clinic aims to provide experiential learning for students to practice clinical and communication skills, while also improving sensitivity to vulnerable populations and promoting a lifelong commitment to service.