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Access Course Reserves via SOUTHcat

eReserve materials (both print and electronic) will be processed as they are received. Please allow five working days for the Reserves Coordinator to process the items.

MCOB Library can place the following types of materials on eReserves:

  • Book chapters
  • Journal articles (if the article is found in a database to which the University Library subscribes, we can link to it instead of mounting a new copy)
  • Tests
  • Lectures
  • Class syllabi
  • Original compositions by faculty or students
  • Links to faculty or publisher websites

We can scan no more than 10% of the total number of pages of a book for eReserves. However, the entire book may be placed on Course Reserve for in-library use or for check-out. Some publishers, such as Harvard Business School Press, will not allow their materials to be placed on electronic reserve. We can link to a guide that gives instructions for how students may retrieve the article from "Our Journal List" if it is available in a database the University Library subscribes. Items can remain on eReserves for no longer than one semester. We can take them off eReserves and put them on the next semester, but they must be taken off eReserves between semesters to comply with copyright law.

Materials for eReserve should be submitted as far in advance as possible to allow for timely processing during rush periods (e.g., the beginning of each semester). Lengthy items (more than 25 pages) may be divided and mounted in two or more parts.

Materials submitted to the University Library to be placed on eReserve should conform to the following guidelines so that students can access, view and print the items from home:
  • Pages should be on 8.5" x 11" (letter-sized) white, unlined paper with clear margins—no black residual edges and no staples.
  • A first generation copy is preferred, with black ink text (clarity and legibility are important for scanning).
  • Single-sided, straight copies only.
  • Type size should be large enough to read.
  • Color reproduction is not available at this time.

If your eReserve materials are in PDF or Microsoft Word format, they can be emailed as an attachment to Items submitted through email should have the same information asked for on the course reserve form:
  • Department
  • Instructor
  • Course Number and Abbreviation
  • Start Date and End Date
  • Course Title
  • Full Bibliographic Citation of Materials

Copies brought to the University Library Circulation Desk should be accompanied by the MCOB course reserve form. If you would like to fill it out ahead of time, it can be accessed in PDF format at