CISSTEM was founded to be an interdisciplinary center to promote research and innovative approaches to understanding learning mathematics and science and the integration of educational practices in the teaching of STEM disciplines. As such, the center is championed by three colleges across USA campus: College of Education and Professional Studies, College of Arts & Sciences, and College of Engineering and guided by an Advisory Board consisting of leaders from K-12 and higher education, local philanthropies, business, and government.

Center Founders

College of Education and Professional Studies

Dean Andrea Kent, Associate Dean André Green and other faculty in the College of Education and Professional Studies serve as P.I.’s and Co-P.I.’s on several past and current CISSTEM projects. These faculty contribute their expertise in science and mathematics pedagogy to help address the need for high quality K-12 educators in the region. Partner faculty include: Dr. Susan Martin, Dr. Ryon McDermott, Dr. Jim VanHaneghan, and Ms. Kelly Byrd.

College of Arts & Science

Dean Andrzej Wierzbicki and other faculty are essential to integrative research in STEM education. As experts in science and mathematics help to enhance the content knowledge of future K-12 educators and develop innovative learning experiences for K-12 students in the area. Partner faculty include: Dr. Madhuri Mulekar, Dr. Vasiliy Prokhorov, and Dr. Cornelius Pillen.

College of Engineering

Dean John Steadman and faculty of the College of Engineering bring to bear their expertise in mechanical, civil, biomedical, and aerospace engineering as essential partners for many of the past and current CISSTEM projects. Engineering design challenges are often the hook used to engage K-12 students in science and mathematics content. Challenges also serve as real-world connections to applications of these essential disciplines.


CISSTEM Advisory Board
Ms. Carolyn Akers, Director, Mobile Area Education Foundation
Dr. Bryan Brown, Associate Professor, Stanford University
Ms. Lynne Chronister, Vice President for Research, University of South Alabama
Dr. Errol Crook, Director, Center for Healthy Communities, South Alabam
Mr. Jonathan Dick, TeleVox Software
Dr. Gregory Fitch, Alabama Commission for Higher Education
Mr. Mike Fletcher, Davidson High School, Mobile County Public School System
Mr. Robert Foley, Former Associate Dean of USA College of Engineering
Mr. Chris Lee, The J.L. Bedsole Foundation
Honorable Merceria Ludgood, Mobile County Commissioner
Dr. Latitia McCane, Academic Dean, Bishop State Community College
Chresal D. Threadgill, Superintendent of Mobile County Public School System
Dr. Susan Pruet, President, STEMWorks, LLC
Mr. Steve Ricks, Alabama Math, Science, & Technology Initiative
Dr. Robert Shipp, Marine Sciences, University of South Alabama
Dr. Denise Spangler, Aderhold Professor and Associate Dean, University of Georgia

Funding Agencies

CISSTEM currently has received funding from:

National Science Foundation

US Department of Education

National Institutes of Health