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Interdisciplinary Center for Sustainable Engineering (ICSE)

The Gulf Coast region encounters distinctive challenges related to its environment, infrastructure, and sustainability. These encompass issues like structural vulnerability, water resource management, and natural hazards. In the face of escalating climate change and carbon emissions, addressing these complexities necessitates interdisciplinary collaboration. Annually, federal agencies such as NOAA, DOE, DOT, EPA, NIST, and organizations like the National Academies and NSF allocate multiple funding opportunities to promote sustainable development. The establishment of an Interdisciplinary Center for Sustainable Engineering (ICSE) in the University of South Alabama (USA) stands to yield a multitude of advantages and avenues for research, education, and community engagement.

There is potential to establish a global center connecting with Latin America, encompassing the Gulf of Mexico and South America. The proposed center will focus on sustainability and recycling in the engineering fields, which also has the potential to facilitate collaboration across various fields, promote commercialization, and enhance technology transfer.