Goals and Objectives


▼   Goal 1: Advance Sustainable Practices Towards Recycling and Carbon Neutralization
  • Promote and facilitate research and innovation in sustainable technologies, recycling practices in solid wastes, and solutions that address environmental challenges and achieve carbon neutrality in the Gulf Coast region.
  • Collaborate with local industries and businesses to implement sustainable recycling practices, management, reduce environmental impact, and enhance resource efficiency.
  • Provide education and training programs on sustainability for the community, industry professionals, and students.
▼   Goal 2: Enhance Infrastructure Resilience in the Gulf Coast
  • Conduct research to better understand and mitigate the impacts of climate change, natural disasters, such as extreme heat, sea level rise, flooding, hurricanes, and tornadoes, on Gulf Coast infrastructure such as roadways, buildings, ports, and bridges.
  • Develop and implement resilience strategies, including infrastructure improvements, emergency response plans, and community preparedness initiatives.
  • Foster partnerships with government agencies, non-profit organizations, and local communities to build a resilient Gulf Coast region.
▼   Goal 3: Promote Environmental Justice and Equity
  • Advocate for equitable access to environmental resources and benefits such as recycling centers, marine debris removal, addressing disparities in vulnerable communities.
  • Conduct research on environmental justice issues specific to infrastructure or industry systems, seeking solutions to reduce disparities and promote inclusivity.
  • Engage in outreach and education efforts to raise awareness about environmental justice concerns and empower affected communities.
▼   Goal 4: Education Excellence
  • Establish ICSE as a hub for cutting-edge research and innovation in sustainability and resilience education, connecting with K-12 and informal STEM education.
  • Provide research opportunities and funding to scholars, researchers, and students interested in sustainability and resilience studies.
  • Offer educational programs and workshops that equip individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to address complex environmental challenges.
▼   Goal 5: Community Engagement and Outreach
  • Act as a resource and knowledge hub for the Gulf Coast community, offering information, expertise, and guidance on sustainability and resilience practices.
  • Organize community engagement events, workshops, and forums to facilitate dialogue and collaboration on sustainability and resilience issues.
  • Partner with local schools, businesses, and organizations to drive community-driven sustainability and resilience initiatives.