Air Force ROTC Courses

Cadets must satisfactorily complete the following courses and their associated Leadership Laboratory sections during the Air Force ROTC Program.


General Military Course (GMC)


▼   First Year: Air Force Studies 100 (AS 100)
AS 100 courses are designed to introduce Freshmen to the Air Force
  • Fall Courses: AS101 & AS101L (1 credit hour)
  • Spring Courses: AS102 & AS102L (1 credit hour)
▼   Second Year: Air Force Studies 200 (AS 200)
AS 200 courses focus on the history of air and space power
  • Fall Courses: AS201 & AS201L (1 credit hour)
  • Spring Courses: AS202 & AS202L (1 credit hour)

AS 200s will prepare for Field Training which is typically during the summer of their sophomore year



Field Training (FT)


Professional Officer Course (POC)


▼   Third Year: Air Force Studies 300 (AS 300)
AS 300 courses focus on leadership/management skills and professionalism
  • Fall Courses: AS301 & AS301L (3 credit hours)
  • Spring Courses: AS302 & AS302L (3 credit hours)
▼   Fourth Year: Air Force Studies 400 (AS 400)
AS 400 courses focus on national security affairs and active duty preparation
  • Fall Courses: AS401 & AS401L (3 credit hours)
  • Spring Courses: AS402 & AS402L (3 credit hours)


* If you have class conflicts, please contact our office.