USA spotlights recent research by Dr. Henning

Posted on July 1, 2020 by Jeremiah Henning
Jeremiah Henning

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Dr. Jeremiah A Henning on campus


The University of South Alabama and the College of Arts and Sciences recently spotlighted recent research by Dr. Jeremiah A Henning and colleagues from University of Konstanz, Michigan State University, and Auburn University published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society of Biology (ProcB) on June 24th. Henning and colleagues explore the demographic makeup of commonly used Biology textbooks in Introductory Biology classes across the United States. Textbooks shape teaching and learning in introductory biology and highlight scientists as potential role models who are responsible for significant discoveries. Authors explore a potential demographic mismatch between the scientists featured in textbooks and the students who use textbooks to learn core concepts in biology. Authors found that while textbooks are filled with classic examples of early discoveries that were performed by white men, more contemporary examples reflect the inclusion of women and scientists of color within biology. However, the inclusion of contributions by female scientists of color in textbooks lag woefully behind their representation in the field.

For the full university press release click here, for the full article click here, and for a blog post by the Proceedings of the Royal Society of Biology, click here.  

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