Geology Faculty and Staff

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Allison, David, Ph. D.
Associate Professor of Geology
Dr. David Allison

Office: ELSB 049
(251) 460-7574

geology A

Beebe, Alex, Ph. D.
Professor of Geology
Dr. Alex Beebe

Office: ELSB 344
(251) 460-7569

geology B

Clark, Murlene, Ph. D.
Associate Professor Emeritus of Geology
Murlene Clark

(251) 460-7570

geology, emeritus C

Haywick, Doug, Ph. D.
Associate Professor Emeritus of Geology
Doug Haywick

(251) 460-6381

geology, emeritus H

Hillard, Maureen, Ph. D.


geology, adjunct H
Isphording, Wayne, Ph. D.
Professor of Geology - Retired
Wayne Isphording

(251) 460-6381

geology, retired I
Linzmeier, Benjamin, Ph. D.
Assistant Professor of Geology - Part-Time
Benjamin Linzmeier
Office: ELSB 343
(251) 460-7575
geology, part-time L
Yokel, Lee, M.S.
Geology Instructor
Lee Yokel

Office: ELSB 136
(251) 460-6381

geology, adjunct Y