Dr. Alex Beebe

Dr. Alex Beebe

Associate Professor

Research Interests

Coastal Hydrology
Environmental Geology
Applied Geophysics


Dr. Alex Beebe is a hydrologist and environmental geologist and currently serves as an Assistant Professor of Geology in the Department of Earth Sciences at the University of South Alabama. He received a B.S. in Geology and Biology from the University of South Alabama in 2007 and went on to receive his Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering and Science from Clemson University in 2013. Dr. Beebe’s research interests are strongly focused on interactions between humans and the environment, particularly the relationship between human activities and the quantity and quality of precious water resources that we rely upon as a society.  Dr. Beebe’s previous research projects have included physical and chemical characterization of produced water generated during unconventional natural gas production, evaluation of petroleum bi-product water for beneficial use, design and implementation of constructed wetland treatment systems for beneficial reuse of industrial wastewater, and assessment of water treatment via ion exchange using natural geologic materials.

Since joining the Department of Earth Sciences in 2013, Dr. Beebe has expanded his research to investigate factors influencing water quality in Mobile Bay. As a groundwater hydrologist, Dr. Beebe is currently working to elucidate the effects of diffuse groundwater discharge through seafloor sediments (i.e. submarine groundwater discharge) on the quality of waters in Mobile Bay and other Gulf of Mexico estuaries. This interdisciplinary research draws upon aspects of hydrology, hydrogeology, biogeochemistry, and oceanography to provide essential linkages between human activities and critical ecosystem services offered by our coastal waters. 


Journal Articles

Beebe, D.A., and B.A. Lowery, 2018. Seawater recirculation drives groundwater nutrient loading from a developed estuary shoreline with on-site wastewater treatment systems: Mobile Bay, USA. Environmental Earth Sciences, 77(10): 372.

Beebe, D.A., J.W. Castle, and J.H. Rodgers, 2015. Biogeochemical Process-Based Design for Treating Ammonia Using Constructed Wetland Systems. Environmental Engineering Science, 32(5): 394-406.

Beebe, D.A., J.W. Castle, F.J. Molz, and J.H. Rodgers, 2014. Effects of Evapotranspiration on Treatment Performance in Constructed Wetlands: Experimental Studies and Modeling, Ecological Engineering, 71: 394-400.

Beebe, D.A., J.W. Castle, and J.H. Rodgers, 2013. Treatment of Ammonia in Pilot-scale Constructed Wetland Systems with Clinoptilolite. Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering, 1: 1159-1165

Alley, B., D.A. Beebe, J.H. Rodgers Jr., and J.W. Castle, 2011. Chemical and Physical Characterization of Produced Waters from Conventional and Unconventional Fossil Fuel Resources. Chemosphere, 85(1): 74-82 


EXT599 Environmental Toxicology Graduate Research
GY575 Graduate Level Hydrology
GY494 Geology Directed Studies
GY480 Field Geology
GY425 Hydrology
GY305 Geophysics
GY301 Geomorphology
GY112L Earth History Laboratory
GY112 Earth History
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