Michael Boleman
Michael Boleman


  • University of Kentucky, M.S. 1998
  • University of West Georgia, B.S. 1994

Selected Publications

  1. J. Sanders and M. Boleman, "Corrected Launch Speed for a Projectile Motion Laboratory," The Physics Teacher 51.6, p. 359 (2013)

  2. M. Boleman, "Mechanical Equivalent of Heat - Software for a Thermistor," The Physics Teacher 46.2 p. 92 (2008)

Software Development


In addition to my teaching/lab duties, I also enjoy software development as a hobby. I've written several pieces of software currently used in our teaching labs, some of which I've made publicly available on our web site. Since 1995 I've written primarily in C++, but more recently I've begun taking up C#.