Final Exam Schedules

An example of an exam being taken

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, the Final Examinations may be modified. Instructors may choose to use alternative assessments in lieu of a final examination.  Instructors may, of course, still choose to administer a traditional synchronous final exam.  Should instructors choose to conduct a final examination that requires all students to be logged in at the same time, the event should adhere to the regularly scheduled final examination period at the specific time indicated in the final examination schedule.  As always, if a student has the problem of more than two finals on the same day, faculty must cooperate in an effort to reschedule one of the exams. This is a rare event but it does happen; directions on resolution of the problem are printed with the Final Exam Schedule in the Class Schedule.  

The following pages contain the current final exam schedule for the term listed.  All exams will take place in the regular class meeting place. No deviation from this schedule is permitted without the permission to the dean of the college in which the course is taught.

Fall Final Exam Schedule

Spring Final Exam Schedule

Summer Final Exam Schedule