Albert Gapud

Albert Gapud

Associate Professor
Department of Physics


  • Ph.D, University of Kansas, 1999
  • B.S, University of Kansas, 1989

Research Interests

Superconductivity, dynamics of superconducting vortices, transport properties of nanowires, self-assembly and growth of film and nanostructures.

Selected publications

  • "Flux quanta drive by high-density currents in low-impurity V3Si and LuNi2B2C: Free flux flow and fluxon-core size effect,"   A. A. Gapud, S. Moraes, R. P. Khadka, P. Favreau, C. Henderson, P. C. Canfield, V. G. Kogan, A. P. Reyes, L. L. Lumata, D. K. Christen, and J. R. Thompson,Physical Review B Vol. 80, p. 134524 (2009).

  • "On narrowing coated conductor film: the emergence of granularity-induced field hysteresis of transport critical current," A. A. Gapud, D. K. Christen, R. Feenstra, F. A. List III, and A. Khan, Superconductor Science and Technology Vol.  21, No. 7, p. 075016 (2008). 

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