Jianing Han

Jianing Han

Department of Physics


  • Ph.D, University of Virgina
  • M.S, B.S, Hebei University

Research Interests

As temperature lowered, steam can condense to liquid and then to ice. These phase transitions have been studied by measuring the macroscopic properties such as temperature, pressure. I am interested in studying these microscopic phase transitions. Specifically, my research focuses on tracing the behavior of a single atom or a few atoms and the coherent properties of those atoms. I am always looking for curiosity-driven students. Please contact me, if you are interested in these topics.

Selected Publications

  • “Super-radiance cascades and multimode super-radiance in a cold 85Rb Rydberg gas.” J. Han, and Haruka Maeda. Can. J. Phys. Published on Jan. 30, (2014)
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