Part Time Faculty


Matilde Tellaetxe Isusi Sherman

University of South Alabama


Neurobiology of the creative process and its use in the recovery from traumatic stress


Rachel Hoadley-Clausen (HC), Ph.D.

Primarily I provide Behavioral Health & Psychological Services at the Neuromuscular Spine and Joint Center as a Licensed Clinical and Counseling Psychologist. As part of this position, I provide clinical services, teach CME courses at local, regional, and national hospitals regarding behavioral medicine and psychological disorders and I supervise master's level counseling students. Additionally, I teach undergraduate classes at the University of South Alabama (Intro Psych and Mental Health and Law). 


Chelsea Greer

Associate Director

USA University Counseling & Testing Center

Young Adult Mental Health, Career, Religion & Spirituality




Harvey Joanning

Part Time Faculty

University of South Alabama

Couple and Family Therapy; Neurobiology and Treatment of Relationships



Kelley Drayer

Integrated Behavior Health Consultant

Confluence Health

Health Psychology



Lilah Aita

Clinical Psychology/Research Interests: attachment theory in the context of romantic relationships and prosocial behaviors


Demetrius Smith


ICU Counseling & Mental Health Support Services, LLC

Black and impoverished youth and families

Jana Still

Jana Still

Organizational Psychologist

Classes Taught:

Industrial Organizational Psychology

Introduction to Psychology

Personality Psychology

Mr. Garret Talley


Garret Taley, M.S..

Part-Time Faculty

Garrett Talley, M.S. 
Adjunct Faculty 
Industrial-Organizational/Engineering Psychologist 

Courses Taught:
Introduction to Psychology 
Research Design and Analysis II

Areas of Interest:
Instructional Sciences
Organizational Development 
Health Psychology