Faculty and Staff

Joseph Currier

Joseph Currier, Ph.D. | Full Professor |
(251) 460-7819 | jcurrier@southalabama.edu

Research Interests: Spiritually Integrated Mental Healthcare, Military Veteran and First Responder Mental Health, Trauma, Moral Injury, and PTSD, Peer Support and Mental Health Service Utilization

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Joshua Foster

Joshua Foster, Ph.D. | Full Professor
(251) 460-6548 | foster@southalabama.edu

Research Interests: Personality and Individual Differences, Personality Assessment, Latent Variable Analysis

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Benjamin D. Hill

Benjamin D. Hill, Ph.D. | Full Professor
(251) 460-7081 | bdhill@southalabama.edu

Research Interests:  Clinical Neuropsychology, Intra-Individual Variability, Cognitive Disorders

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Joshua Isen

Joshua Isen, Ph.D. | Assistant Professor
(251) 460-7153 | isen@southalabama.edu

Research Interests:  Behavioral Genetics, Adolescence, Externalizing Problems

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Dakota Lindsey

Dakota Lindsey, Ph.D. | Assistant Professor 

251-460-6371 | drlindsey@southalabama.edu  

Research Interests: Working memory, Serial order, and Individual differences 

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Dr. Heidi Lyn

Heidi Lyn, Ph.D. | Associate Professor
(251) 460-6372 | hlyn@southalabama.edu

Research Interests: Nonhuman cognition, Nonhuman communication, Neural and behavioral correlates in nonhuman primates, Intelligence in animals

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Krista Mehari, Ph.D.

Krista Mehari, Ph.D. | Assistant Professor

Research Interests: Youth Violence Prevention, Adverse Childhood Experiences, and Promoting Resilience

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Ms. Wanda Milliner | CCP & BBS Secretary
(251) 460-6622 | wmilliner@southalabama.edu

Lisa Nash
Mrs. Lisa Nash | Psychology Department Secretary
(251) 460-6371 | lnash@southalabama.edu

Laura Powell

Laura Powell, Ph.D.| Assistant Professor
(251) 460-6371 | lpowell@southalabama.edu

Research Interests: Distance Education, Teaching of Psychology

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Phillip N. Smith.

Phillip N. Smith, Ph.D.| Full Professor,Director of Clinical Training
(251) 460-6371 | pnsmith@southalabama.edu

Research Interests: Suicide, Interpersonal Theory of Suicide, Depression, & Trauma

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Lisa A. Turner

Lisa A. Turner, Ph.D.| Full Professor
(251) 460-6013 | laturner@southalabama.edu

Research Interests:  Developmental, Juvenile & Family Violence

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Ms. Letitia Norwood | Secretary - Psychology Clinic 
(251) 460-7149 | lnorwood@southalabama.edu

Mark Yates

Mark Yates, Ph.D. | Associate Professor
(251) 460-7872 | myates@southalabama.edu

Research Interests: Cognitive Psychology, Language Processing

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Hana Zickgraf, Ph.D. | Assistant Professor


Research Interests: Eating Disorders, Eating Behavior, Obesity, Anxiety Disorders

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Kim R. Zlomke

Kim R. Zlomke, Ph.D. | Full Professor
(251) 460-6569 | zlomke@southalabama.edu

Research Interests: Clinical Psychology, Clinical Child/Pediatric Psychology

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