Laura A. Powell, Ph.D.

Laura A. Powell, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Department of Psychology


  • Ph.D., University of Southern Mississippi 2005: Experimental Psychology
  • M.S., University of South Alabama 2000: Experimental Psychology
  • B.A., University of South Alabama 1998: Psychology 

Research Interests

  • Distance Education
  • Teaching of Psychology


  • Sinnott, J., Speaker, A., Powell, L, & Mosteller, K. (2012). Perception of scary Halloween masks by zoo animals and humans. International Journal of Comparative Psychology.25, 83-96.

  • Sinnott, J.M., Powell, L.A., and Camchong, J. (2006). Using monkeys to explore perceptual “loss” vs. “learning” models in English vs. Spanish voice-onset-time perception. Journal of the Acoustical Society, 119(3), 1585-1596.

  • Sinnott, J. M., & McArdle, L. A. (2000). Comparative perception of voicing contrasts. Journal of the Acoustical Society, 107(5), 2856. 

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