The December Student Organization of the Month Award goes to Students For Equality!

Posted on January 20, 2016 by Jamarkus Garrett
Jamarkus Garrett

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The December Student Organization of the Month Award goes to Students For Equality!

Students For Equality’s mission is to encourage members of the University of South Alabama community to understand and utilize their privilege as they act as allies for marginalized, disadvantaged, oppressed, and/or neglected groups within both the University of South Alabama and the larger Mobile community. The members of this organization try to spread their purpose by promoting a message of tolerance, respect, safety, and equal rights.

Last month Students For Equality hosted the inaugural ‘Understanding Transgender Issues’ forum in collaboration with the Southern Transgender Alliance in an effort to open the USA communities’ eyes to important issues that the transgender community faces. This interactive event allowed for a beneficial learning experience by providing a space for members of the USA community to ask questions and educate themselves on discriminatory issues that directly effect students on our campus. The members of Students For Equality are making a meaningful impact on campus and in our community by exemplifying bravery and activism by sharing their stories as well as providing educational information for their cause. S4E also participates in the nationally recognized Transgender Visibility Day every March 31st by setting up information tables and handing out flyers in an effort to bring attention to the accomplishments of trans people around the world while fighting discrimination and spreading knowledge of the trans community. Students for Equality is committed to building awareness, advocacy, and motivating students to promote social justice. S4E believes that all people deserve respect, safety, and equal rights, and are dedicated to spreading a message of tolerance and equality.

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