Bioimaging Facility Fee Schedule

For each instrument, there is a base hourly fee for independent use, and an hourly fee for Manager-assisted use that is the base fee plus $10 (please see table below).

Instrument Independent Use Assisted Use Location
Zeiss LSM 980 $25 $35 MSB 3028
Andor Revolution $22 $32 MSB 3022
Nikon A1r $22 $32 MSB 3040
Nikon A1rsi $25 $35 MCI3087
Nikon A1r $25 $35 MCI 2103
Nikon N-SIM $25 $35 MCI 3087
Nikon TE-20000E $22 $32 MCI 3087
Zeiss Axiovert 200M $22 $32 MCI 2103
Zeiss AxioSkop 40 $22 $32 MCI 2103

Training is required for use of each instrument and is billed as two hours of assisted usage. Training will be provided by the Manager, and additional training is available upon request without an additional fee.

To facilitate heavy users of the Facility, usage fees are capped at a maximum of 5 hours per day.

Assisted use is contingent upon the Manager’s availability.