Research at the USA College of Medicine

Researchers in a laboratory


The University of South Alabama College of Medicine is committed to the highest standards of academic integrity in all areas of scholarship undertaken by faculty, staff and students. Our scholarly activities are conducted in accordance with ethical principles and in compliance with all federal, state, sponsor and institutional regulations and policies.

For an overview of Research Policies, Offices and Programs, please visit the Office of Research & Economic Development.

Research Centers

Center for Lung Biology

Center for Healthy Communities

Center of Excellence for Health Disparities Research

Comprehensive Sickle Cell Center

Mitchell Cancer Institute

Resources for Research

Baugh Biomedical Library

The USA Biomedical Library provides access to the library's book and journal collection. It also serves as a centralized entry point into the library's numerous research tools and databases including PubMed, Access Medicine, ACP Pier, Cochrane, DynaMed, Ovid's Primal Pictures, and other authoritative and full text tools only available through the library's paid subscriptions. This link also provides easy access to reference librarians via email, chat, text, or telephone. Most of the library's resources can be accessed from off-campus locations with your student or faculty log in via the proxy server. 

BioImaging Core Facility

The BioImaging Core Facility provides critical imaging and microscopy resources to investigators at the University of South Alabama. Equipment in the facility includes wide-field, line-scanning confocal, and spinning disk confocal microscopes, as well as spectrofluorimetry and laser dissection capabilities.

Health Systems Grants Administration and Development

The Health Systems Grants Administration and Development Office provides administrative services and support to faculty who are involved in extramural sponsored activities.

Office of Research Education and Training

The Office of Research Education and Training provides training, support and administration for undergraduate researchers, Basic Medical Sciences doctoral students, and Postdoctoral Fellows within the College of Medicine.

Radiation Safety

Applications and Guidelines for Using Radioactive Materials.  

Research Compliance and Assurance 

The Office of Research Compliance and Assurance promotes the responsible conduct of research throughout the University of South Alabama community. The office oversees federal, state, and university policies that encourage intellectual pursuits while protecting the rights of those involved.

Sponsored Programs

The Office of Sponsored Programs provides assistance to researchers for all pre-award functions including obtaining grant application materials, preparing the proposal and budget, and submitting the proposal. OSP is responsible for processing proposals to federal, state and local governmental agencies, as well as to private foundations and industries.

Technology Development

The Office of Commercialization and Industry Collaboration works with members of the University of South Alabama community to deliver their discoveries from concept to commerce to benefit the University, the inventors and the public.