Salaries and Benefits

2024-2025 Resident/Fellow Stipends
PGY-1: $57,734 
PGY-2: $59,739 
PGY-3: $61,785 
PGY-4: $64,408 
PGY-5: $66,689 
PGY-6: $69,631 
PGY-7: $74,386

Moving/Relocation Allowance Stipends

Trainees relocating to Mobile are allowed a moving allowance of $2.00 per mile with a cap of $1,200.00. Mileage should be turned into the Program Coordinator to be processed through the Housestaff Office. 

Professional Liability Coverage

Coverage is provided by the University of South Alabama at no cost to trainees. (Applies only to professional activities scheduled by the Program Director.) This is an occurrence type policy and by definition provides "tail coverage." Additional information can be found by contacting the Office of Risk Management at 251-460-6232. 

Preventive Health Program

Hepatitis B immunization, TDaP, MMR, Influenza, and any other vaccine required by policy are provided at no cost to residents.

Varicella immunization is provided at no cost to residents who have not had chickenpox. 

USA Health & Dental Plans

Resident/fellow and qualifying dependents may choose to enroll in either the USA Choice Health & Dental Plan or the USA Select Health & Dental Plan. Both include health, dental and pharmacy benefits. Coverage is effective on the first day of a resident/fellow's employment, provided their online enrollment is completed within 30 days of hire.

The University of South Alabama and USA Healthcare Management, LLC, provide two comprehensive health and dental benefit options:

USA Choice Health & Dental Plan: Benefits are received within a network of Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) providers or within the USA Health network of hospitals, physicians, outpatient clinics and other providers affiliated with the University of South Alabama. By using USA Health providers, the employee receives medical care at a lower cost to the plan and the employee.

USA Select Health & Dental Plan: This plan is a narrow network design based on USA Health providers and providers from the BCBS PPO network. To assist with primary care, Teladoc is included providing telephone and internet access to a physician for minor medical concerns, resulting in less cost for the employee, time saved and convenience. The USA Select benefit design has low-cost deductibles or co-pays when using a USA Health network provider. Other BCBS PPO providers are covered at 70%. By using a USA Health provider, this will ensure that employees are receiving the very best benefit possible. 


Monthly Employee Cost Single* Family*
USA Choice Health & Dental Plan $154 $509
USA Select Health & Dental Plan $100 $330

*Includes the non-tobacco wellness incentive of $50.

The University of South Alabama encourages all employees to adopt healthy lifestyle choices. Both plans offer assistance to employees who wish to stop using tobacco products. Employees and their spouse who declare that they do not use tobacco products (and have not for at least six months) will be eligible to receive a $50 wellness incentive (one per family). Employees are required to certify on the enrollment application that they do not use tobacco products.

Health insurance will be effective from the first date of employment. Resident/fellow(s) must complete an application and file it with the Human Resources Department within 30 days of their first day of employment. New resident/fellow(s) will have the chance to complete the form in their hospital orientation. Otherwise, open enrollment for the USA health and dental plans is held annually in November with coverage effective January 1 of the following year. Resident/fellow(s) can make changes to their plan during open enrollment or if they have a qualifying life change event per plan guidelines. 

Premium Conversion 
With premium conversion, USA Choice Health & Dental Plan and USA Select Health & Dental Plan premiums are automatically deducted before any federal, state or Social Security taxes are withheld. 

Flexible Spending Accounts 
Eligible employees can take advantage of flexible spending accounts by setting aside pre-tax money through payroll deductions to pay for qualified healthcare expenses and qualified dependent childcare expenses. The plan is managed by Health Equity and provides a VISA reimbursement account card for ease of use for qualified medical expenses. 

VSP Vision Insurance

Eligible employees can voluntarily elect to enroll in vision insurance with VSP. VSP vision insurance provides coverage and savings on the cost of an annual eye exam, prescription eyewear and lenses, and other eye-related services. The employee pays the full premium for this benefit. 

Monthly premiums
Employee-only coverage: $7.18
Family coverage: $19.82

Life Insurance

The University provides at no cost to benefits-eligible employees a group term life insurance plan from SunLife. Coverage is provided in accordance with the following schedule: 

Annual Base Salary
$38,501 and over = 125% of salary ($100,000 maximum benefit) 
*Includes a $5,000 benefit for spouse and eligible children 

Additional Group Term Life Insurance
Additional term life insurance equal to one, two or three times the basic coverage is available to the employee at group rates. Employees applying for additional coverage must be medically underwritten. Additional coverage for spouse and dependent children is available and is also subject to underwriting. 

Retirement Plans

Defined Contribution Plan: 403(b) Matching/Supplemental Retirement Plan
USA Healthcare Management, LLC, provides a defined contribution plan which enables employees to use pre-tax income to contribute to their retirement. Participation is voluntary. The plan currently matches dollar for dollar up to 5% of earnings, up to an annual employer contribution allowed by the IRC Section 401(a)(17) of $17,250. This plan allows eligible employees to invest in fixed and variable annuities and mutual funds in a tax-deferred account. 

Employees will be fully vested in 3 years when completing 3 years of service. 

USA HealthCare Management, LLC, also offers a 403(b) supplemental plan that allows eligible employees to invest in fixed and variable annuities and mutual funds. Eligible employees may contribute up to $23,000 ($30,500 if over the age of 50) annually combined between the matching and the supplemental plan. 

Deferred Contribution Plan: 457(b)
457(b) plans allow eligible employees to defer receipt of a portion of their salary until some later date, usually at retirement or termination of employment. Contributions are made on a pre-tax basis and accumulate tax free until withdrawal. Eligible employees can also contribute post-tax contributions to the Roth 457(b). Employees may make contributions to both 403(b) and 457(b) accounts in the same year. 

Short-Term Disability Insurance

The University and USA Healthcare Management, LLC, provides at no cost to eligible employees, short-term disability insurance through Sun Life. After a 7-day period, benefits are paid at 60% of the employee’s total weekly earnings, up to a maximum of $1,000 per week for a covered disability. Benefits are payable up to 12 weeks, as long as the employee remains unable to work due to a covered disability.    

Long-Term Disability Insurance

The University and USA Healthcare Management, LLC, provide at no cost to the eligible employee long-term disability insurance. A resident/fellow who is unable to return to work due to a medical reason may apply for long-term disability benefits under Sun Life. After a 90-day period of disability, 60% of the employee’s base monthly salary will be paid for permanent or temporary total disability up to a maximum benefit of $10,000 a month. Resident/fellow(s) who are unable to work due to a medical reason should contact the Human Resources Department to file a long-term disability claim. 

Educational Benefit Plan

Upon completion of 6 months of employment prior to the first day of classes per the University Academic Calendar, regular full-time employees may qualify for a tuition credit for up to five credit semester hours, plus the University registration fee. The tuition credit rate is based on the prevailing College of Arts and Sciences undergraduate tuition rate for all course levels. Employees must maintain at least a 2.0 institutional grade point average for undergraduate coursework and a 3.0 institutional grade point average for graduate coursework for continued eligibility. 

Tuition credit is also available to the spouse and unmarried dependent children (under age 25 on the first day of classes) of employees who are eligible for the educational benefit. The tuition credit is 50% of tuition only (no fees) with no hour maximum. The tuition credit rate is based on the prevailing College of Arts and Sciences undergraduate tuition rate for all course levels. The spouse/dependent children must maintain at least a 2.0 institutional grade point average for undergraduate coursework and a 3.0 institutional grade point average for graduate coursework for continued eligibility. 

Other Benefits

Adjacent parking is provided at no charge at USA Hospitals. 

Living Quarters, Meals and Laundry

  • Living quarters, meals and laundry or their equivalents are the responsibility of the resident. When on-call in the hospital, sleep rooms are provided.
  • A 25% discount is given to all resident/fellow(s) in each of the hospital's cafeterias.
  • Resident/fellow(s) receive free breakfast items at the USA Health University Hospital cafeteria and the Children's & Women's Hospital cafeteria, along with free soup, salad and sandwiches at lunch.
  • Vending machines providing hot and/or cold food are also available 24 hours/day, 7 days/week. 

Mileage Reimbursement
Mileage between health care facilities is reimbursed at the standard Unites States Internal Revenue Service rate. 

Lab Coats
Up to three lab coats depending on your specialty are provided at the beginning of the first year of training; one lab coat is provided in each subsequent year of training.

Financial Support

  • Access and benefits from the USA Federal Credit Union
  • Savi-Public Service student loan forgiveness program
  • USA Hospitals and the College of Medicine provide direct financial assistance to the departments in support of resident education. 

Bookstore Discounts
10% discount on books and supplies with ID card. 

Recreational Facilities
Resident/fellow(s) have access to the JagFIT gym available on-site at USA Health Children’s and Women’s Hospital. Resident/fellow(s) can also pay $10 a month for a membership to the USA Student Recreation Center on the University of South Alabama main campus. 

South Alabama Athletics

  • Free admission to single ticketed athletic events (excludes tournaments and football) 
  • A discount, up to 205 on season tickets for all ticketed sports, up to a maximum of 6 tickets per employee 


  • Discounts on University of South Alabama musical and theatrical productions
  • Employee discounts at restaurants, hotels, travel services, event/theater tickets, etc. 

Please note: other employee benefits information will be provided in Hospital Orientation.

Enrolling in your Benefits

During your onboarding process in New Innovations, you will review detailed benefit videos with more details about each benefit listed above. After you begin employment, you will receive a registration email from Employee Navigator. This will allow you to create an account, enroll in your benefits upon hire, complete annual Open Enrollment, and complete life changes if it occurs during your time with USA Health. Additional information and dates will be provided soon to assist with this process.