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The University of South Alabama Medical Alumni Association (MAA) was established with the mission to create and maintain a beneficial, lifelong relationship between its alumni physicians and the Frederick P. Whiddon College of Medicine. This mission is realized through activities that support the professional advancement of our alumni membership and activities that enhance medical education.

Get involved with fellow College of Medicine alumni, faculty, staff, and students by connecting with the USA MAA. Upon graduation from the Whiddon College of Medicine, all alumni are considered members of the Association, and active members are those who pay their Annual Membership dues yearly or commit to the association as a Lifetime Member. Additionally, the association offers an Associate Membership for those who are affiliated with COM either as a current or retired faculty or staff member, as well as a Resident Membership for current USA Health residents.

Explore this website to learn more about the association and how to get involved in supporting the MAA’s mission to enrich the lives of your fellow alumni and currently enrolled COM students.  

▼   Association Information

Since its inception, the USA Medical Alumni Association has been a source of strength and support for the Whiddon College of Medicine. Coordinated by then Associate Dean Clyde G. Huggins, Ph.D. of the Office of Student Affairs; Samuel Eichold, M.D., then Director of the Office of Continuing Medical Education, and then Dean of the College of Medicine, Robert A. Kreisberg, M.D., the MAA was established to forge a bond between graduates and their alma mater. The founders of the Association understood that an organized and active alumni base would assist in recruiting strong students to the program, thereby solidifying the College's reputation of providing quality education, training and patient care as a teaching medical institution.

That vision and enthusiasm continues to this day. The MAA is proud to serve the college's alumni through professional development and networking opportunities as well as the college's physicians-in-training through scholarships and additional enhancements to their medical education.

▼   Medical Alumni Board of Directors

Governing the Association is a Board of Directors, a council comprised of 18 elected graduates from the Whiddon College of Medicine. Led by an Executive Council, consisting of a President; Vice-President; Secretary-Treasurer; Chair, Alumni and Student Services Committee, and the Immediate Past President, the Board takes pride in evaluating the needs of alumni and students with care taken to invest in initiatives that will promote and sustain the MAA’s mission of enhancing the lives of its alumni membership and currently enrolled COM students.

Since the founding of the MAA, 74 COM graduates have generously dedicated their time to the Board of Directors, helping guide the Association, its goals, and initiatives.

2022-2023 Board of Directors

Dr. Ed Panacek, ’81

Dr. Russell Goode, ’10 
Vice President

Dr. Mark Mitchell, ’81
Secretary treasurer  

Dr. H. Christopher Semple, '85 
Immediate Past President

Dr. Romsel Ang, ’01

Dr. Sabrina Bessette ’03

Dr. Ashleigh Butts-Wilkerson ’12

Dr. Jason Dyken, ’91

Dr. Druhan Howell,’03

Dr. Steve W. Kinsey, ’89

Dr. Juan Ronderos, ’85

Dr. Stacey Wing, ’96

Dr. Nancy O. Wood ’07

Dr. Brandi Trammell, ’02

Dr. Lynn Crawford, '90

Dr. Kaci Sims, '13

▼   Past MAA Board Members

Since its founding, the MAA has enjoyed an active and dedicated Board of Directors with members who have graciously provided leadership and guidance during their tenure. The Association would like to recognize the 74 COM alumni who have dedicated their time and energy to the success of the MAA. The numbers in parentheses indicate the number of years of service to the MAA Board.

Dr. Oscar Domingo Almeida, Jr.* (20)
Dr. Romsel Ang* (1)
Dr. Susan Ann Ashbee (2)
Dr. William E. Blaylock* (14)
Dr. Stephen Eugene Bowden* (1)
Dr. William Broughton (7)
Dr. Charles Bryars* (2)
Dr. Matthew Eric Cepeda* (2)
Dr. Damian Joseph Collins* (9)
Dr. Gregory Cotter* (21)
Dr. James Mason Cummings* (1)
Dr. Frank V. DeGruy (2)
Dr. William Denson* (3)
Dr. Carol B. Dittmann* (6)
Dr. Cynthia A. Donnell (8)
Dr. Robert Lamar Duffy* (14)
Dr. William Edsel Dumas* (1)
Dr. Jason Richard Dyken (1)
Dr. Robert Pittman Eichelberger Jr.* (1)
Dr. Frankie Wendell Erdman Jr. (2)
Dr. David Albert Gremse (11)
Dr. Lisa M. Haab (5)
Dr. George Woodrow Hall (2)
Dr. Diana Kirk Hashimi (16)
Dr. Johnson C. Haynes, Jr. (7)
Dr. Charles Edward Herlihy* (5)
Dr. Gilbert R. Holland (2)
Dr. Danny Trammel Hood (2)
Dr. Michael P. Houston (2)
Dr. Russell Alan Hudgens* (24)
Dr. Grace Hundley* (6)
Dr. Arthur Alvin Jones III (1)
Dr. Wanda Gilliam Kirkpatrick (13)
Dr. William Roy Kleinschrodt (2)
Dr. Michael Thomas Ledet (5)
Dr. Marcia Jenkins Littles (7)
Dr. Larry Randall Lockhart (1)
Dr. Gaeton Don Lorino* (4)
Dr. Cynthia Jean Lorino (6)
Dr. David Haskins MacRae (1)
Dr. G. Lynn Marks (2)
Dr. William Manning Mauldin* (0)
Dr. David H. Maxwell* (1)
Dr. Matthew G. McIntyre (3)
Dr. Mark Charles Mitchell* (4)
Dr. Thomas Brian Montgomery* (9)
Dr. Amy M. Morris* (17)
Dr. Patrick Leon Murphy* (4)
Dr. Patrick Eugene Nolan (4)
Dr. Norma Carole Norden* (3)
Dr. Kitti Kiattikuniv Outlaw* (12)
Dr. Edward Alan Panacek* (3)
Dr. Stephen R. Parden (2)
Dr. Robert E. Percy* (4)
Dr. Paul Wesley Pickard (1)
Dr. Jill F. Ringold (9)
Dr. Terry N. Rivers (3)
Dr. Raymond Kent Robinson, Jr.* (3)
Dr. Juan Felix Ronderos (3)
Dr. David C. Ross (25)
Dr. Kelly Powers Roveda (5)
Dr. Richard Harris Sawyer* (1)
Dr. H. Eldon Scott III (0)
Dr. H. Christopher Semple* (10)
Dr. Michel H. Shain (4)
Dr. Stephen Randall Sheppard (2)
Dr. Maryella Desak Sirmon* (11)
Dr. Lee Walton Thompson* (3)
Dr. John Lee Todd (14)
Dr. Brandi Walden Trammell* (3)
Dr. George Warren Veale* (1)
Dr. Kathleen Joy Webster* (14)
Dr. Mark Sloan Williams* (1)
Dr. Stacey Woodall Wing (9)

* denotes Lifetime Member of the MAA

Bold denotes current member of the MAA Board of Directors.

▼   MAA Class Representatives

Class Representatives serve as an additional channel of communication between the Medical Alumni Office and each alumnus, serving as a way to channel news, foster camaraderie among fellow alumni, and encourage participation in alumni events and fundraising efforts.  If you are interested in serving as a Representative or would like the contact information for your Class Representative, please email medalum@southalabama.eduor call the Medical Alumni Office at (251) 460-6805. 

1976 - Dr. Danny T. Hood
1977 - Open
1978 - Open
1979 - Open
1980 - Dr. Steven W. Mitchell
1981 - Dr. Michel H. Shain
1982 - Dr. Michael D. Goodlett
1983 - Dr. David G. Laycock
1984 - Dr. Michael T. Ledet
1985 - Dr. Oscar D. Almeida, Jr.
1987 - Dr. Russell A. Hudgens
1988 - Dr. Donald N. Cote
1989 - Dr. Carol B. Dittmann
1991 - Dr. Rebecca L. Morgan
1992 - Dr. Kit K. Outlaw
1993 - Dr. Elizabeth G. Mathison
1994 - Dr. Scott M. Acker
1995 - Drs. Lisa H. McDonough and Dawn M. Nye
1996 - Dr. Michael S. Pursley
1997 - Dr. Praful G. Patel
1998 - Dr. Leesa P. Jordan
1999 - Drs. Priscilla G. Fowler and Amy M. Thompson
2000 - Drs. Sarah F. Davis and Christopher J. Frailie
2000 - Drs. Lisa H. Free and Carson S. Webb
2001 - Drs. Rex S. Morgan and M. Jill Ringold
2002 - Drs. Susan E. Compton, Genevieve I. McLeod, Rima A. Mehta, and Michael C. Strickland
2003 - Drs. Sabrina G. Bessette, Dr. B. Elizabeth Rutland, and Maxcie M Sikora
2004 - Drs. Terry J. Hundley, Jr. and Alpa A. Mehta
2005 - Drs. Sarah E. Joiner and Suzanne H. Martin
2006 - Drs. Adam W. Anz, Sara J. Belches, and Kenneth K. Davenport, Jr.
2007 - Drs. Andrea L. Braden, Rhianna M. Little, and Nancy Oppenheimer
2008 - Drs. Charles Dasher and Jackie Reese
2009 - Dr. Andrew Hodges
2010 - Drs. Christina Cochran and Casey Cockrum
2011 - Drs. Ashley Myers and J. Grant Zarzour
2012 - Drs. Ashleigh Butts-Wilkerson, Sobia Ozair, and Dr. Kacie Saulters
2013 - Drs. Emile Kleyn, Kaci Sims, and Dr. Savannah Watts
2014 - Drs. Amy Boone and Davida Yarbrough
2015 - Drs. Abby Weems and Daniel Salisbury
2016 - Drs. Caitlin Marshall and Gretchen Vandiver
2017 - Drs. Candice Holliday and Brian McGrath 
2018 - Drs. Michael Marshall, Francie O'Hea, and Alexander Wiles
2019 - Drs. Vikash Pernenkil and Emily Smith
2020 - Drs. Joseph Cortopassi and Tyler Kaelin
2021 - Drs. Jordan M. Smith and Zachary B. White, II
2022 - Drs. C. Zachary Aggen and Shayla Hossain
2023 - Drs. Claire Cawthon and MengJie Hu

▼   Contact Us

Office of Medical Alumni Relations
650 Clinic Drive, TRP III, Suite 1500
Mobile, AL 36688
Phone: 251-460-6805 

Anna Claire Parks
Associate Director, Medical Affairs Development and Alumni Relations
Direct Phone: 251-460-7369