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▼   Biomedical Engineering & Bioinformatics Track

Alexander Coley
Lab: Dr. Borchert

Photo of Alexander Coley

Grant Daly
Lab: Dr. Gillespie

photo of grant daly

Jeffrey Demeis
Lab: Dr. Borchert

photo of jeffrey demeis

▼   Molecular, Cell, & Cancer Track

Ashley Camp
Lab: Dr. Honkanen

photo of ashley camp

Chelsie Carpenter
Lab: Dr. Swingle

photo of Chelsie Carpenter

Edward Fiedler
Lab: Dr. Richter

photo of edward fiedler

Mary Haastrup
Lab: Dr. A. Singh

photo of mary haastrup

Chenchen Li
Lab: Dr. Honkanen

photo of chenchen li

Caleb Stratton
Lab: Dr. Davies

photo of caleb stratton

Marlo Thompson
Lab: Dr. Prakash

photo of marlo thompson



▼   Neuroscience Track

Sapthala Galappaththi
Lab: Dr. Grelet

photo of sapthala galappaththi

Samantha Chaney
Lab: Dr. Nelson

photo of samantha chaney


▼   Infectious Disease & Host Defense

Killian Brewer
Lab: Dr. Barrington

photo killian brewer

Triston Cooper
Lab: Dr. Macaluso

photo of triston cooper

Krit Jirakanwisal
Lab: Dr. Macaluso

photo of krit jirakanwisal

Rachel Rodenburg
Lab: Dr. Barrington

photo of rachel rodenburg

Madeline Stone
Lab: Dr. Hermance

photo of madeline stone

Chanakan "Nam" Suwanbongkot
Lab: Dr. Rayner

photo of nam suwanbongkot

Meagan Taylor
Lab: Dr. Macaluso

photo of meagan taylor

Amanda Tuckey
Lab: Dr. Audia

photo of amanda tuckey



▼   Cardiovascular & Pulmonary Track

Aritra Bhadra
Lab: Dr. Bauer

photo of aritra bhadra

Marcy Cage
Lab: Dr. Rich & Dr. Stevens

photo of marcy cage

Jenny Hewes
Lab: Dr. Bauer

photo of jenny hewes

Santina Johnson
Lab: Dr. Rich

photo of santina johnson

Takreem Aziz
Lab: Dr. Francis

photo of takreem aziz

Cassy Cooper
Lab: Dr. Taylor

photo of cassy cooper

Althea Deweever
Lab: Dr. Stevens

photo of althea deweever

Sage Gariss
Lab: Dr. Weber

photo of sage gariss

Meredith Gwin
Lab: Dr. Stevens

photo of meredith gwin

Jennifer Knighten
Lab: Dr. Francis

photo of jennifer knighten

Christian Macarilla
Lab: Dr. Taylor

photo of christian macarilla

Reece Stevens
Lab: Dr. Lee & Dr. Balczon

photo of reece stevens

Sunita Subedi Paudel
Lab: Dr. Stevens

photo of sunita paudel

Tyese Pritchett
Lab: Dr. 

photo of tyese pritchett

▼   First Year Students

Pritchett, Tyese

Photo of Pritchett, Tyese

Alsatari, Enas

Photo of Alsatari, Enas

Butlig, Evan-Angelo

Photo of Butlig, Evan-Angelo

Cioroch, Angela

Photo of Cioroch, Angela

Delcher, Haley

BMS student photo

Haastrup, Adeyeye

Photo of Haastrup, Adeyeye

Kola, Brusi

Photo of Kola, Brusi

Naaz, Sayema

Photo of Naaz, Sayema

Patterson, Megan

Photo of Patterson, Megan

Sakib, Najmuj

Photo of Sakib, Najmuj

Sarkar, Shovon Lal

BMS student photo