Past MAA Board Members

Since its founding, the MAA has enjoyed an active and dedicated Board of Directors with members who have graciously provided leadership and guidance during their tenure. The Association would like to recognize the 74 COM alumni who have dedicated their time and energy to the success of the MAA. The numbers in parentheses indicate the number of years of service to the MAA Board.

Dr. Oscar Domingo Almeida, Jr.* (20)
Dr. Romsel Ang* (1)
Dr. Susan Ann Ashbee (2)
Dr. William E. Blaylock* (14)
Dr. Stephen Eugene Bowden* (1)
Dr. William Broughton (7)
Dr. Charles Bryars* (2)
Dr. Matthew Eric Cepeda* (2)
Dr. Damian Joseph Collins* (9)
Dr. Gregory Cotter* (21)
Dr. James Mason Cummings* (1)
Dr. Frank V. DeGruy (2)
Dr. William Denson* (3)
Dr. Carol B. Dittmann* (6)
Dr. Cynthia A. Donnell (8)
Dr. Robert Lamar Duffy* (14)
Dr. William Edsel Dumas* (1)
Dr. Jason Richard Dyken (1)
Dr. Robert Pittman Eichelberger Jr.* (1)
Dr. Frankie Wendell Erdman Jr. (2)
Dr. David Albert Gremse (11)
Dr. Lisa M. Haab (5)
Dr. George Woodrow Hall (2)
Dr. Diana Kirk Hashimi (16)
Dr. Johnson C. Haynes, Jr. (7)
Dr. Charles Edward Herlihy* (5)
Dr. Gilbert R. Holland (2)
Dr. Danny Trammel Hood (2)
Dr. Michael P. Houston (2)
Dr. Russell Alan Hudgens* (24)
Dr. Grace Hundley* (6)
Dr. Arthur Alvin Jones III (1)
Dr. Wanda Gilliam Kirkpatrick (13)
Dr. William Roy Kleinschrodt (2)
Dr. Michael Thomas Ledet (5)
Dr. Marcia Jenkins Littles (7)
Dr. Larry Randall Lockhart (1)
Dr. Gaeton Don Lorino* (4)
Dr. Cynthia Jean Lorino (6)
Dr. David Haskins MacRae (1)
Dr. G. Lynn Marks (2)
Dr. William Manning Mauldin* (0)
Dr. David H. Maxwell* (1)
Dr. Matthew G. McIntyre (3)
Dr. Mark Charles Mitchell* (4)
Dr. Thomas Brian Montgomery* (9)
Dr. Amy M. Morris* (17)
Dr. Patrick Leon Murphy* (4)
Dr. Patrick Eugene Nolan (4)
Dr. Norma Carole Norden* (3)
Dr. Kitti Kiattikuniv Outlaw* (12)
Dr. Edward Alan Panacek* (3)
Dr. Stephen R. Parden (2)
Dr. Robert E. Percy* (4)
Dr. Paul Wesley Pickard (1)
Dr. Jill F. Ringold (9)
Dr. Terry N. Rivers (3)
Dr. Raymond Kent Robinson, Jr.* (3)
Dr. Juan Felix Ronderos (3)
Dr. David C. Ross (25)
Dr. Kelly Powers Roveda (5)
Dr. Richard Harris Sawyer* (1)
Dr. H. Eldon Scott III (0)
Dr. H. Christopher Semple* (10)
Dr. Michel H. Shain (4)
Dr. Stephen Randall Sheppard (2)
Dr. Maryella Desak Sirmon* (11)
Dr. Lee Walton Thompson* (3)
Dr. John Lee Todd (14)
Dr. Brandi Walden Trammell* (3)
Dr. George Warren Veale* (1)
Dr. Kathleen Joy Webster* (14)
Dr. Mark Sloan Williams* (1)
Dr. Stacey Woodall Wing (9)

* denotes Lifetime Member of the MAA

Bold denotes current member of the MAA Board of Directors.