Medical Student Summer Research

2019 Summer Medical Student Research Program

Program Dates: May 29, 2019-July 26, 2019

Program Coordinator: Marcina Lang, COM Dean's Office
Chair: Dr. Wito Richter, Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

The College of Medicine sponsors a 9-week Medical Student Summer Research Program. Through this program, students develop an appreciation of how research contributes to the knowledge and the practice of medicine. Accepted entering medical students or rising second-year medical students in the USA College of Medicine are eligible. The summer experience includes 1) hands-on research related to basic science and/or clinical medicine; 2) a seminar program that focuses on various scientific and clinical topics; and 3) student presentations at Research Day. Support for the program is provided by the USA College of Medicine Dean's Office and from the National Institutes of Health. 

For highlights of the 2018 Summer Research Day, featuring keynote speaker Dr. David Guidot, visit the Med School Watercooler.

2018 Research Day Winners were ​Jordan Smith (Oral Presentation) and ​Carson Edward, William McDonough, Kim McWilliams, Justin Rich and Patricia Vogel (Poster Presentation).

For Faculty

Proposal submission tool

For Medical Students

Available projects: Information available from coordinator by early March 2019

Application materials: 2019 Application to be emailed to incoming freshmen and rising sophomores in February. The deadline to have your completed application (including faculty sponsor's signature) to the Program Coordinator is to be announced. The application can be dropped off in the Dean's Office, CSAB 170, or scanned and emailed to

Contact Information:  Marcina Lang, email, Phone (251) 460-6041, Fax (251) 341-3994