Services and Pricing

Services of the Mass Spectrometry Facility include but are not limited to:

Accurate Mass Determination of pure compound (~50-100µM preferred, suspension in 50%ACN)
Metabolomics Analysis of Whole Cell Lysate (Minimum 1x106 cells, 5x106 preferred)
Metabolomics Analysis of Cell Culture Medium (Without Phenol Red)
Metabolomics Analysis of Tissues/Biofluids (50mg minimum tissue preferred, 100mg or more best)

Global proteomics of whole cell lysate (Please discuss use of lysis buffer)
Global proteomics of secreted protein from the cell culture medium (without serum, pen-strep, phenol red)
In-Gel protein digestion (Coomassie Gel Preferred)
Protein ID from immunoprecipitation
Post-translational modification determination

For proteomic analysis, data will be processed using the Thermo Proteome Discoverer software. MS2 data will be searched against the currently available sequences from UniProt using Sequest. Custom databases can be developed for protein identification as well.

Solid phase extraction (with drying) $41.00


Liquid-Liquid extraction (with drying) $36.00


HPLC purification/fractionation $10.00


In-Gel protein digestion $123.00


Protein digestion in solution $26.00


Cell/vesicle lysis $26.00


Total protein concentration (Bradford Assay) $20.00


1 sample + 1 blank $19.00


Small molecule m/z, low resolution no fragmentation, Including Reporting $34.00


Small molecule m/z, High Resolution, with or without MS2 Fragmentation, Including reporting $105.00


Method development (up to 12 hours) $128.00


LTQ Orbitrap XL Instrument, High Resolution $99.00


Q-Exactive Plus Instrument, High Resolution $122.00


Complex project (fixed fee) (16-60 MS runs) $1,605.00


Complex project (pro-rated) (60-90 MS runs) $1,605.00


Complex project (fixed fee) (90-120 MS runs) $3,210.00


Basic bioinformatics and reporting (Dedicated staff time for Data analyses) $53.00


Training of users for data analyses, LC usage and/or MS usage $21.00